photoshoot with leng keong~ and erika~

Had a photoshoot with leng keong and erika~ at farrer park carpark! o.0

Why a carpark? cause that means there would be less people there~ equals to better opportunities to shoot~

we took photos on the 4th level of the carpark XD
we wereoriginally on the 5th level DX but there was a stupid car there so we could not then we moved to the 4th level~ was shooting half way when WHEN a stupid van came in!!! like wth!!! so much space on the 3rd story why come to the 4th story????!!!

oh wells we were irritated but we still carried on with the shoot... had to shift direction to not see the feaking van.

whats worst was the van just parked there and opened their boot O.o
they look like kidnappers seriously!
saw ropes and stuff inside!
Erika was like they kidnapper ah~
i was like yea they pedo kidnapper come kidnap us~

some photos from the photoshoot~ dun have erika's yet 
waiting waiting waiting~
must be patient~ lol
just realised after synching my itouch to the computer i haveso many camwhore pictures of erika in it DX
maybe i should post a few XD

camwhore photos by erika from my itouch~
haha shows how bored she was~
i have found more photos~ but too lazy to upload~

HAPPEY NEW YEAR to everyone~ may this year be a fulfilling one~

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