Decisions and Japanese fashion blog shopping~

Decisions decisions~ thats what i have been doing the past few days... cause i didnt feel like studying, had to review for a project, and shop for clothes for CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
Had a presentation today... on pregnancy. Yes you heard right! PREGNANCY!
Was kinda stressful cause i am quite bad at the subject considering i am actually a girl!
To make things worst~ my mentor was the teacher so double the stress!!
More of like triple the stress cause she tested us after the presentation!
I answered correctly though!
so happy!!~~~~

Met stanley for the first time today lol~ 
haha damn funny went SIDM section in the ddgm room, go play chess hahaha~ watch he and his fren play chest damn funny~ he make move so fast his fren take forever lol.
play until head pain~
He damn nice lol~ walk me to my block so i can go for my presentation XDXD

Just ordered clothes from 
Garder La Foi
they have really pretty clothes!
I fell in love with all of them XDXD 
but i could only have 2 picks out of the many choices... buuuu~ asiamsuperflatbrokerightnow

i chose AD11002 and 

If you are worried about having the same clothes as many people by ordering online, fret not cause these clothes come in limited stocks only~

so you be the special few who actually have these gyaru and ageha clothes in singapore~

shall post pics of the clothes once i get them XD

People please support them~ the clothes are imported directly from japan~

shall see you all in the next post~

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