As the title states, am blogging on how to get a Japanese Itunes account!
Am sure there are people who have been trying to get a account in japan, but have been unable to do so.

Did a little bit of research back then, around last month, browsed through many websites and many experiments but most of them needed to go through itunes, so that you could do it.
i found it troublesome so i tried it in my own method, and it actually worked.

i dont know if it will work for everyone though! 

my method of doing it will be thorugh an iphone, which is also easier to access then itunes.

first step:
click settings in your iphone

second step:
click ITunes & App stores

third step:
select your apple id and type in your password to sign in

fourth step:
click view apple ID

fifth step:
click country/ region 
select : 日本

sixth step:
click the bottom right hand button
another pop up will appear, click the same option

seventh step:
click none

8th step:
for postal code, you can key in any jap postal code, the one i am using is from

after key-ing in the postal code, change your prefecture, from where you got your postal code from, mine is from tokyo, so i changed my prefecture to tokyo.

once you have changed your prefecture, click next and you have a jap itunes account!!!

manga review- strobe edge

Hey all~ just thought i should do a manga review, since i actually have nothing much to update about now, due to the fact that i am on attachment now D:

Well this manga review is actually on a manga based on romance, but its genre is also highlighted under  comedy and drama too! 

why would i actually recommend this manga?
*drum rolls*

its because this manga isnt the lovey dovey type of romance manga that everyone reads, it would affect you in weird and tingly feeling type of way ><

my friends who have always asked me to recommend romance mangas to them , really loved this story a lot!

you know when your heart goes *thump thump* or *kyuun* or also *crash/crack*? this manga encompasses all these feelings into one!

its so good that i have read it 4 to 5 times already!
well the good news is that this manga is now complete! 
you all do not have to suffer as much as me, when it took 3 to 4 months just for the next chapter to be out D:

summary : Ninako a normal high school girl, meets Ren, the heart throb if the school and realises a colorful and wide range of emotions after this encounter!
but only realising much later that this was going to be a one sided love, and yet she still wants to go ahead with it. would these trials make her or break her?

how would i rate this manga?
romance: 5/5
comedy: 4/5

where can you read this manga?

do tell me if you love this manga~ because i absolutely adore it!