NYP open house~

Hey all~ havent updated for some time DX

went for NYP's open house today~ for the fun of going acctually~ not there to go help out~
my shift be tomorrow~hehe~ and i am def not going~ cause for a couple of good reasons:
1. saturday is a day for all to sleep in
2. friend said today that there was nothing to do at all
3, i have better things to do~
4.meeting Nor Nor for lunch heh!
5.meeting photog cause nth else better to do (unconfirmed)

wheee~~ i have such nice reasons!!
went to the SIDM block with erika cause she wanted to see what they did there~ walked around the school
only to hear her say so hard~ lol
haha i agree~ cause nette nette be suffering there right now, but she is having lots if fun~

Erika and i went to the CCA corner which is in the theatre of the arts~
wah!!!! the japanese cultural club was cos-ing~
POKEMON!!! damn cute!!!
wa!!! forgot take pictures cause i was busy looking at all the origami's and talking to my jap teachers XD
etsuko sensei: wa~ kawaii ne~ what cosplay is this?
me: original desu
etsuko sensei: sou desu ne, what school deska?
me: SHS desu~
etsuko sensei: SHS??! O.o

haha~ she was so shocked cause she said there were so little cos-ers in SHS~
etsuko sensei: i got jap lesson for SHS now every monday
me: mm! im in your class
etsuko sensei: O.o  :O honto??
me hai desu
etsuko sensei: oohara sensei class deska?
me : hai! oohara sensei class desu!
etsuko sensei: namae wa?
me: Camille desu
etsuko sensei: oohara sensei!!! kochii kochii!!
me :O
haha super shocked~
lol they could not believe it was me. haha erika was laughing at the side
Oh i forgot to say that i was cosing as the 'butler'
using the butler hair and casual clothes XD 
(cargo pants, long sleeve black shirt and choker)

what i wore today XD half pic only though DX
Fotgot to take pictures today DX hur hur so i went to camwhore at home~
please forgive the unglamness DX

thats it for now tata~ have any one made a new year's resolution yet?
i dont know about mine yet though~

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