hanging out ~ missing my otouotou~

My little otou otou had a photoshoot today~~
today he dun have his Shuainess, but but he got his hotness ,prettiness factor muahaha~~~
he ish sho sexy~ 

photo i cope from brian~ muahaha~~
thank you brian~
since i forgot to take photo of her today~
today's weather was pretty bad~ could not take many shots~ but but since my otouotou so pro and our photog brain so pro we managed this pretty pretty photo of my otouotou~
soooo pretty right~~~

Was a pretty long day today ><
met erika at 1 at admiralty mrt to collect our stuff from out taobao supplier 
i was late by half hour'suppose to meet at 1230 DXDX
sooo sorry erika ><

so we collected our stuff lol~
and i got my kimono!!!~ yay~
i shall not post how my kimono looks like 
until leng keong takes a photoshoot of me~
muahaha~~ he sponsored me the kimono~ <3

got my wig today too~

Erika and I went to woodlands to look for otou otou birthday present ><
had such a hard time deciding what to buy DX
hopefully otouotou likes it~

arrived late to meet otou otou at chinese gardens.... suffered the wrath of anger, TAT
but when we presented her the present she smiled so broadly XD
she was like 'omg thank you~, i thought you would have forgotten my birthday~'

otouotou your niisan heart very pain~~
you too cute alr~

some photos that we took cause we had nothing else better to do~

a preview of my kimono~

didnt take any photos in it~ cause all didnt look nice ugly~ never prepare well cause just got it today~
make up today was horrid too ><

for now tata~
shall update again soon~
cant wait to see my beloved otou otou~ 
do visit his blog~ 

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