clothes from GARDER LA FOI~~

Hihi all~
Gonna review on the clothes i got from GARDER LA FOI
Hee hee~ The clothes is love~ The cloth is so soft and silky to touch
The material is really good too. 
I can assure you all you will not be dissappointed if you ever bought clothes from them!!!!
Their service is really good too, as they reply you as soon as they can and will never delay over 24 hours~

Garder la foi crew are really nice too~ They stick to what they promised~
They said the very latest they would give me my tracking number on mon since i ordered on friday night~
They kept to it and even gave me the tracking number earlier~!
Received my 2 dresses on tuesday~ When i saw the package when i came home yesterday i was like OMGOSH! It ish here!!! *rips package*
They packed it really neatly too!! *Smacks self for forgetting to take photo of package*

The clothes were so neatly packed right right~~ hehe~ these days its so hard to get clothes that are so neatly packed

The purple dress i ordered~ 
So pretty~ I really love it~
It shows off teh figure really well XDXD i totally recommend it~

The other pretty dress i ordered~
GD11003 (Black)
Hee hee its sooo cute!!!

Please ignore the mess behind ><


I promise you will not regret it!!~

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