right now I feel like running away from reality DX
I cant stand the fact that i have exams non stop, cant stand the other fact that i am feeling so irritated for No reason sigh~ must be the hormonal changes, yes it must be. 
Just finished two exams today
Had a  presentation at 8am today, based on pharmacology, my goodness i think i didnt do a very good job in presenting sigh, but overall the presentation went smoothly, till the answering the questions part.
Sigh... Faith answered all which is in fact really good, since we were stuck.
Happy that she is such a fast thinker XDXD

Was greedy during breakfast XDXD
Ordered a lot of food XDXD
Sad part didn't finish cause i felt bloated, must be the anxiety attack of the wound care exam
Didn't really study that well the night before sigh
Panicked this morning

Who cares!!!  As long as i passed ALL of the exams i am happy XD
I passed ~ for the lab assessment section alr~

Had a casual photoshoot with albert today~
Its so easy to work with him, he helps me when i have a mental block on the poses, really helpful!!~
He is really friendly too, so it made it all the more easier to work with him.
Shall post some pictures up taken by him soon~

Got some pictures from REZKI
Photog from the chii and freya photoshoot~

Oooh~~ This is one of my favs~
Feel like using this piccy here to replace the one on top of my blog..Hmmm~

Kay kay~ Thats all for now~
Shall try to fix my stupid com to open my jap homework sigh
For some reason it can only open the first freaking page and the subsequent 6 pages cant be open like WTH!
Now i have to go to school and do sigh DX
Meaning i have to spend extra time in school DX
Meaning my sat is do jap homework day freak!!!

Tata for now~

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