stole this picture from erika X:
we used this last year lol~

so how was everyone's christmas celebration this year?
i had lots of fun at my cousins place and lots of nice food to eat too!!

part of the food that my cousin ordered/ made~
so yummy right~~

there was turkey!!!!!!! turkey be awesome!!!!!! 8DDD

and i was most facinated by these!!! look at them!!!
they are cupcakes! so cute right???
they be awesome delicious cupcakes!

of course there were also log cakes!! 
a definite must during this festive season!!
it was very very yummy 8D
literally melted in your mouth!
the amount of food i got =.=||
too greedy already!
agaga but i could not resist! i mean there was so much meat! how can one not hear the temptation calling out to you??!! 
-meat meat oh meat i be so delicious-
/bangs head against wall
i am going crazy already 8DD
lookie and the cupcake i stole!!! its Mr. Santa!!!

ahaha santa be sho round~
its a pun get it?
muahaha the cupcake had marzipan and lemon cream on the inside~
it was so moist and literally melts in your mouth!
the best part of it was i got to eat one and a half cup cakes cause i stole my mums one as well X:
i am greedy muahahaha

and look at what i found in the living room!
its a teddy bear!!!
sho cute right??!!! i wanted to bring it home D:
pouty face of wanting to bring it home D:
and look at the napkins! sho cute!!!!!!
and of course we had our own log cake at home too~

santa and rudolf!

my brother got me chocolates for christmas cause he had an extra box =.=||
more of like he didnt know what to do with the extra box OTL

i also went for a shoot with Geno before christmas~

can see more it it at this link

went out on christmas day itself!
after going to my aunts house of course!

went to plaza sing and meet shiki, mikan and yosuke first~
it was very very fun cause i kept turnign the gashapon so many times just to get rin =.=||

got all of them except my limited edition rin D: i be emo D:

i had more then this just that i gave away some to my good friends 8DDD

the best story telling part about christmas!!! 
on christmas day, mikan, yosuke,shiki and i heard that the last train was at 1.30am!
and we were all at different parts of singapore!
and what made it worst was that i called selicia down to plaza sing from serangoon where she was at, having her tiger and bunny christmas shoot.
she came at about 11pm and we were happily chatting till 12am, when finally we decided we shall all go home 8DDD
since we were pretty much satisfied~
so we walked down to the MRT station and just before we could tap our card... the sign board flashed that the LAST TRAIN had departed and the stations are now CLOSED!
so everyone not including us, i mean other people like many many people got tricked =.=
the five of us with very shocked faces went back upstairs to exit the shopping mall... but it turns out all the main doors and side doors were closed
walked one whole round before finally realising the only exit is where the taxi stand is =.=
checked all the bus stops on the way to POMO but the board stated that there were no night buses so we were even more sad =.=
while walking to POMO 2 night buses went pass us!!!!!!!!
so we gave up officially and walked to POMO
turns out that while walking to POMO mikan's and my bus, went pass us and we had to run for it in HEELED SHOES since it was the LAST BUS!

good thing is that everyone managed to get their buses home 8DDDD muahahhaa
an adventure during christmas~
but seriously SMRT i think its time for you to  buck up! 
cute cute present from my nor nor~~

i had a very very nice early early birthday present by like 4 mths  from shinji and jimmy lol!!! 

shinji and jimmy autograph 8DDD

they be sho awesome to gimme this muahahahaha!!!! it be rin omg!!

comic fiesta 2011

i went to comic fista for the first time!
it was held at KLCC this year, and i just came back this evening at about... lets say 7pm?

we took a coach from golden mile! a 6 hour journey... was so so long! fell asleep  though 8D
chair was comfy with lots of space !!!
photo of us waiting!
these images are stolen from serene teo 8DDD

a photo when i have just settled myself into the chair
trying to prepare myself for the long journey ahead~
and everyone were super excited as well!
a photo which i got in also lol!
person doing the kira pose be max and the rabbit pose be tristan lol!and a sleepy me who just woke up after a 2 hour nap lol

finally got myself out of the chair to talk to someone for the last one hour ride~
serene and i were singing old melodies! jap melodies!
Serene's voice is super powerful! she has a page on youtube~
the link can be found here~ 
photo of how KLCC looks like from the lobby of our hotel~

was so tired as on friday when we reached our hotel room it was already 8.15pm and we were all so shacked and here we were still preparing for the next days event!

taking out everything from the luggage, hanging all our clothes that needs to be used, combing out wigs, curling the wigs, cutting them!

ironing our costumes as well~
of course we slacked quite a bit lol~
we went for dinner as well with jimmy,shinji, fariz and a few more people as well~ i cant really remember who though X:

we slept at like 2am... only having to wake up at 8 to prepare and leave to times square cause we needed to buy some last minute stuff!
selicia, kaiting and i rushed over!

they had to find white socks! and i, blue lenses!
OTL sad thing is that the blue lenses werent obvious at all!

gotta thank lawli for telling me that times square sold lenses that i wanted >< so happy!
and Dolly for getting me a pair of blue lenses as well though it was so inconvenient for you >//<

rushed back to the hotel and started doing our make up at 1230 and we had to be out by 2pm... but of course that didnt happen =3=

we were out by 245 lol~
went out and cos-ed for awhile then it started raining =.=||

i did not know whether to say if we are unlucky or not unlucky lol
a small girl started fan girling over selicia, kaiting , mikan and i as well lol
cause she loves Ao No Exorcist alot~
selicia as yukio
kaiting as Shura
mikan as shiemi 
i as rin
she followed us all over the convention lol!
felt really bad towards mikan cause we didnt expect her to drop by so early in the morning!

of course there are camwhore photos after~~

gmaine so pretty right 8DDDDD
then got one person behind extra <---- yukio lol! trying to photobomb his twin! and did it really well too!
the all friendly rin jumps into the scene and snaps a surprising shot of everyone! and runs out lol!

went out to dinner with blacklash and their group ><
i cant remember all their names D8 *emos and draws circles in one corner*
but i remember their faces!!!!
we went to eat at a restaurant named Bens at KLCC shopping center
i had aglio olio spaghetti!

went back helped selicia they all on their costumes for the next day >< though i couldnt help much D8
i manage to take nice photos of Kaitings, Tifa from final fantasy 7after the event!
she is sho pretty!!! <3<3

received a very nice picture from eugene yan!!! omg i was so happy!!! it was so well taken!! 8DDD
lawli et as miku
i as rin
from the series of amayumerou

costumes wig and head dress made by lawli et~~ so preteh right !!!
i wanna learn too! i shall learn!
big big thank you to lawli et for letting me cosplay with her and for introducing so many people too me >//<

serene and i!

took these images from serene~~ and invinc managed to photobomb us! 8D

some self camwhore shots cause the lighting was good in the hotel room

went to kenny rogers in the morning to eat and went to look for motion sickness medicine at times square !!!
the food was very very delicious! for 3 people the price was 93.95 RM
which i think is cheaper then singapore by alot

did you know there was a scandolous affair between rin and vincent???!!
i have proof!
my proof so nice right 8DDD
vincent be selicia~ sho handshum!
kaiting was also nice enough to take a photo of me using her iphone~
sho nice right~
ohoh and i have to show you a very cool photo!

dun they look alike????