SMUMIC Annual Production - Interlude

I use this picture cause i like! hah!
so you must like it too~~

went to a concert that Neo (he be person with white hair~) invited us too~
Went over to go support him XD
Had a hell of a good time~


Went to spin spin house at 3pm~ to collect my stuff from her
meido cos and school cos
damn the school one the skirt too i must emphasize! WAY too BIG for me DXDX
must take picture show DX
Planning to sell it~ anyone interested?

Tried on a few wigs at spin's house~ forced her to try on her sandplay luka and meido costume cause i felt like it XD
after that forced her to try on her wavy wiggeh that erika wore today also muahaha~


Spin trim her wavy wiggeh i wanna see how it looks like XD
have ta wait till i go see her again~
Stayed at her house till like 430pm i think~
Felt so sad to leave, cause could not play anymore DX
It is okay, cause! CAUSE i can go there next week~

Had to meet olivia at 6pm in cityhall~ we rushed there, but we were early by like 10 mins~ took our time to walk around and buy food~ even had time to camwhore in the toilet XD

see??? camwhore session~ please pardon the horrible dressing DX
went to buy drinks cause we were thirsty~
bought the VITAMINWATER~

we were bored so we did camwhoring advertisement for the drink
Its really tasty XDXD
you all should try the Dragonfruit flavored one~
taste so nice~ its even good for the skin since its vitamin c~

Met Oliva camwhored at mosburger
no pics from her yet DX
but it be okay~
had fish burger there cause i only love the fishburger there
omg they only gave me like one packet of chilli and tomato sauce
talk about being stingy DX

The singing at the concert was awesome!!!!
i forgot to take pictures except for till like near the end DX
some pictures~

Met Neo outside after the concert, finally met him in person~ Did not have a chance to meet him during EOY's performance had to many people, lost sight of him after awhile at EOY ><

hehe had group piccy with him !!! HAPPINESS!! *jumps around in joy~
met amber and her friends too!!!!~~ ooh group meeting~~

and camwhore pics of erika again from my itouch lol

waited for my father for like 15min at YCK mrt DX
called him no respond from his handphone
turned out he was at the other end
got scolded for no reason
say that i so stupid, why i wait near taxi stand
i was like hello~ there is a pick up point next to the taxi stand
like wth he just not happy cause he had to pick me up cause my mum forced him too and vent his freaking anger on me
its not like i need you to pick me up luh DX
though i am grateful but its not my freaking fault right?!
nvm! enough of my ranting~ overall i had a pretty good day~
so i shall not live in anger XD

tata for now~

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