Irritating day yesterday, thought that i could go to school and do some research for the project, but when i reached school the freaking library was closed |< sigh i wasted my strength (in carrying my laptop and school books), my money (transport fee) since i am pretty broke this time i really really need a job soon, sat outside the lecture hall and like totally stone for an hour plus while looking at a computer screen. Was trying to find better information for the project sighs. waste of time.

Anyways... some photos from the photoshoot.... totally stole it from edmund, only one photo of me still though cause our beloved photog went overseas~~
Cant wait for him to come back so i can see the rest of the other photos~

I still think i totally suck as freya~ even erika and a few others agree so!
see it shows i must never do characters with bangs anymore yes yes!!! must never ever do anymore. XD

from left: me, terrence, edmund, spinelo!

spinelo looks super cute as chii!!! hahaha!!! can huggle her~

more photos more photos of the 'couple' of the day
haha love this photo the most cause spin spin looks eviillll~
haha!! cause she must only like meh~
damn i am an egoist lol~

have one candid shot!

Amy and edmund~ 

Amy my cute little butler~
credits to Rezki for the photos taken during the photoshoot~

Oh and not too forget, even though it is a little belated MERRY CHRISTMAS ~
A little thank you gift to you all~
photo by terence ho~
miku: me
zatsune miku: erika
editing of borders and words : erika~

Photoshoot~ freya/chii/myself DX lol~

had a photoshoot on wednesday and thursday~
this time i was freya from chobits~ pictures totally not out yet till saturday DX
i think i look kinda weird or very weird in wigs with bangs DX
i mean look at my sheryl nome~ and then i did freya from chobits the last 2 days i think bangs definitely do not suit me unless they are side parted!
shall post up once i receive my pictures~

we must all stay up and welcome christmas day!!! XDXD
HAHA like what i am planning to do~

mini photoshoot with terrence ho and erika~

Had a mini shoot with Erika on sunday~ it was real fun~ we were bored so we had terrence ho do a mini photoshoot~
Erika was cosing zatsune miku~ after awhile she gave up on the wig, and continues the shoot with her own hair lol~
i was cosing hatsune miku~ i looked like a cross dressing guy in the short wig =3=
must show pic! *shows pic*
see??? cross dressing guy!!! DX
i am a total failure as a girl DXDX

we went to so many places in bugis!! walked around until our legs hurt big time! hur hur so tiring!
i hate to walk so long in heels!
i just started hating to wear them like this year?
i pretty much wonder why!
why why why???
Did i say how neat Xinhui is?? omg i love the way how she takes care of her wig!!!
i was so scared to use it DX
it was super duper neat *shows pic*

look at how neat her wig is!!!~ she pleats them!!!
i would love her if i ever lend her my wigs~

we went to take a photo with the giant stitch!! big giant stitch at bugis! so cute!!!
Erika took photos first! cause i didnt know what to do!
i think she be more photogenic then me~ i love how she smiles~~
while waiting for my turn to take photos with big big stitch~ had to take some photos with the public
so fun~ but tiring~ didn't expect that i had to take photos with them during our mini shoot

We ran out of places to go!! DXDX
so we went up to iluma~ rooftop garden lol! and took pics there!
only got one photo though for now~

we saw a giant Pikachu!!!!
wanted to take photo with it but the lighting made us look awful!! so we had to give it a skip!
We played with the Christmas tree though!!
love the people who let us take photo with the mini Christmas tree~ haha we were like so called destroying it!! stealing all the fake presents and messing them up TT.TT
i'm so sorry!!!!
But we were having too much fun that we forgot ourselves

went to park view after that~ took quite a few nice photos~
the place was really nice!! though got scolded a few times lol
Security: you cant stand there
us: okay *shifts*
Security: you cant sit there
us: wth *shifts again*

we still managed to get some nice shots though~

only 2 photos out~
haha love our photog lots!!!~

There is of course the cam whoring session after that~

 Too many camwhore pictures!!! DX haha i must learn to refrain!!

Tata~ love cammie~

overdue !!! STGCC and EOY

!!! a post that i should have done super long ago!!! DXDX

Was held up cause i had exams!!! since the exams are finally over!! i can do a post!

Last saturday 11 dec'10 there was an event at suntec city! STGCC! Mika ,me and erika were all dressed as butlers! so fun! hahaha! wait erika was dressed as a maid, Jeanette too!

Mika , me and erika met at like 9 at esplanade MRT, so we could do a mini photoshoot~ it turned out really well!! some photos that were taken


Photoshoot turned out so well~ so happy~ 
twinneh (mika) and me feel like doing a fan club for both of us~ would you come support us?

Now back to the main topic on STGCC
didnt manage to take any photos!! DX
here are some photos which i stole from my fren~

photo from max wong~
 photo from fabian luke~
 photo from fabian luke~
photos from fabian luke~
these photos were taken during STGCC~

Now for some from EOY~

credits to tan huo gang fo rthese nice photos~
there is also a group photo~

Family photo~

Well if you are gonna ask which event was nicer? i would definitely say it was STGCC as there was more things to do there~ whereas EOY was not much, should have listened to my friends advice TT.TT
It was still interesting in a way where you can join mini competitions and go back to back with your friends~

for now tata~
love cammie

a pain!!

exams are such a pain that i dun even feel like studying DX
i only studied 6 chapters out if 24!!
and i stil have 18  more chapters to go!
feel sleepy already~
i still have a post on sgcafe that i have not done yet!!
ordered my rin/saito wig
cant wait for it to come!!!
comb my miku wig today!! omg i nearly died but i manage to return them to their original state!!
you have to imagine it being worst then AFA after removing the 2 pig tails, it was as though it went through a dryer DX
now i have to go back to studying!! sigh!!
Bio is such a pain the neck when in comes to the nervous system sigh~