life update

so you must have been wondering what i have bben up to so far, well basically since i just 'graduated' more of like i am waiting for my certificate!
so i went to look for a job!! 
well my first job would be that i am working at a private General Practitioner Clinic!
Am working with my uncle now at L&L family clinic!
that is if you are singapore that is!

so if you are feeling unwell, do visit!

my second job, yes you heard me right, i have a second job!
i am now working at JRUNWAY! which is found at Dhoby Gaut, do come and visit!
we have just put out the new collections for Emoda and WeGO!
I am so tempted to buy stuff from EMODA and BABY SHOOP!!

so why am i not updating much? its because i have lack of time now.... i am working 830 to 1230 in the mornings at the clinic, and am working from 2 to 10 at JRUNWAY ><

though if you have any questions onto what the new collections are at JRUNWAY , do ask , i will try to help as much as possible 8D

The Mortal Instruments : the City Of Bones

Hi everyone, as you must have noticed, i have not blogged for about 3 months... due to the fact that i have been attachment in the hospital, and barely have time to even turn on the computer!

Am really really sad that i have not been able to actually blog properly!

So basically todays post would be me being my nerdy self, wanting to let everyone know that i am really looking forward to a movie, that i am looking forward to which will be on the cinemas on August 23rd!

I did a book review on this book the last time,

i am still a reverent lover and follower of this series! i am now reading the prequel The Infernal Devices, to the series The Mortal Instrument!

have been following this series since the year the book first came out in 2006!

well! am sure you must be wondering why i am so sure that the movie is coming out on the 23rd of August its because i saw the poster at Dhoby Ghaut 

I was so excited that i had to take a photo of the poster *fangirls*

So again, i am sure why i like this book / this movie so much!
if you had read my previous post which i had a posted up there,
you would have read my raving review on this book!

watch the trailer and read my previous post on this book! if you need any recommendations on books based in the fantasy world, with romance or not~ i wouldnt mind recommending! 

Shibuya Girls SG and Dolly Wink look-a -like contest

Photo credits by mandom and shibuya girlsSG

Hey everyone as you can see from the title i will be blogging about the event that just happened last saturday evening!

was invited to this event as a blogger by Pearly who works in Mando~

of couse you must also be wondering if there were any special guests appearances that would be happening at this event!
The special guests were none other then Tsubasa Masuwaka, the model and producer of Dolly Wink products which also can be found in any Watsons store worldwide.
Not forgetting Xiaxue, whom is also Singapore's top blogger!

Photo credits by mandom and shibuya girlsSG

The next question that you might ask next, is who are the lovely ladies that manage to make it to the finals?
Photo credits by mandom and shibuya girlsSG

well before we really start the ball rolling, there is ofcourse camwhore photos !
photo of myself before leaving for teh meet and greet with Tsubasa~~~
sadly i didnt get to take a very nice photo of tsubasa at the meet and greet >< luckily i managed to sneak a side photo of her! Met up with tora and shizuka too for the meet and greet!~~ muahahaha

she was so cute up close when i actually shoot hands with her,  her hands were so so small, omg, i felt as though if i had used a little bit more of my strength , i would have crushed her ><
ahhh her face is so small! i still cant believe that she is a married and is a mum herself!! her figure is still so nice!!!!

the few photos i managed to snap of Tsubasa during the meet and greet  8D
guess who else i met at the meet and greet??

kelly~~ i forgot to take piccies with pearly D:

me, golly locks and Tora!
me, Golly Locks, Tora and Shizuka!

we left soon after the meet and greet for dinner since we still had some time!
we walked over to cineleisure to eat at seoul garden hot pot!

look at my awesome dinner set!! muahahha
okay okay back to the event!

The main event of the Dolly wink look a like contest was at Scape Warehouse which started at 730pm!

the two awesome people in charge of the main booth at the look a like contest!

met reiko at the event!

met keith also who went in together with us to the VIP booth~

ERIKA~~~ i want her hair >< so chio! i cant wait for my 3 months hospital probation to be over!

TOra and christy!!! sho chio right~

meh and christy~
she sho small i wanna kidnap her home!


managed to get into the event area earlier then the rest~
the stage looks so cool!!
can ya see the awesome candies at the side---> kekekeke

photo by shibuya girls SG
one of the small photo booths at in the event hall~
its so cute!! omg!! i want that dressing table!
tsubasa in the background *faints* she is so pretty!

the crowd infront of the VIP area >< so many people!

so many!

they were playing videos of tsubasa while waiting for the show to start!

the evnt started off with the walk by the 15 contestants!

our beautiful MC for the day~ she is so cheerful~

shall now introduce the judges for the event!

the boss of Koji!


 and of course tsubasa~~

while the results were being tabulated, there were of course a Q & A session with tsubasa!
sadly i cant remember all her answers ><

omake shot of  mr kobayashi when he realised i was secretly taking a pic of the judging table!

mr kobayashi and xiaxue~

and of course i am sure everyone is eagerly waiting for the results!
i was so excited too, i could barely sit down! i was so jittery!
 dun dun dun dun!!!

photo by Shibuya girls SG

xiaxue passing ariel her prize~
photo by Shibuya girls SG

*drum rolls please~~*

many drum rolls please and claps!!!


photo credits to Shibuya Girls SG!!

photo of our 4 prize winners!! ahhh~~~ they look so pretty together!!
now a photo of them with Tsubasa!!

now a photo of everyone with everybody!

we managed to get a photo together with mr kobayashi!

photo by shibuya girls SG

and we also got photobombed by him!
photo credits to melvin koo!

christy ~~

and there were candid shots of  Tora shikzuka and i!! omg
photos by Shibuya Girls SG

good i received from the dolly wink goodie bag~

well one thing i could actually say about the event that it was really good!! And i really enjoyed myself really much !!
i hope i can go for the next gyaru meet up they hold too!!

if you wanna find out more information about the gyaru scene in Singapore, do visit Shibuya Girls SG on FB!