shopping and birthday celebration (sorta)

Hey everyone~
Another random post by me
went out yesterday with erika and toma(tommy) XD
went shopping for stuff that we still need for new year and cosplay ><

went to bugis to look for clothes for erika, shoes for me and tie and belt for toma~
stayed there for like 2 hours but only managed to get erika stuff ><
well there just werent any shoes that caught my eye so it aint my fault right *hmph*
its not that i'm picky *ignores any commentaries about being picky*
the price range for some shoes were ridiculous, i totally forgot to state ><

so i gave up on shopping for shoes at bugis and went shopping for nail accessories instead lol~
such a big change of topic.
no shoes = to go for other stuff that you need muahahhaa
bought quite a few nail accessories, so that i can make for my mum since she paid for my clothes this round
trying to be fair
just hope i am able to do it well since this will be my first time doing it
i only usually do basic manicure for her ><

haha accessories so pretty!!!

toma and i couldnt find out stuff so i suggested going to orchard
yes i know orchard! like where all the expensive stuff is where broke people like me can never afford DX
went to mitju for shoes none!!
suggested new look!!!
muahahaha i found 2 pair of shoes XDXD ish loves~
only took photo of one of the shoes i tried on lol
bought both~
cause they were oh so pwetty~
(influenced erika to buy same pair as me XDXD)

i dun care if you think i am wasting money. I calculated the uses for it before buying. bleah!
went far east after look for more clothes bought none so we went to eat at pasta mania~
had mushroom baked

erika's dory baked rice

toma's spaghetti and secret shots of him~ muahahhaa

and me being evil~ taking evil photo of erika~

rushed off to fren's birthday celebration after that~
a mini outing lol~ went to esplanade there to go see the merlion lol
me and erika camwhoring there while waiting for them

tried out one of the shoes while taking pics looks so lovely~
hahaha~ can really tell we were bored while waiting for them lol

by the time they came i had to go >< cause mum and dad was fetching O:
one photo with  the birthday girl ><

and steals of the day XDXD

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