As you all know, AFA is soon approaching! Are you all excited~?
With AFA approaching, a trailer has been made~

there is also a mini game competition held by Moe Moe Kyun and Atelier Royale~

Sadly to say, MMK's competition is over for the  nendoroid =3=
the picture of the competion was

Good news is that AR is still holding the competition~

guess the amount of kitkat in Ren's hand, and you may stand a chance to win the stocking nendoroid~ hehehe 
stocking looks so adorable~ *does anyone wanna adopt me home?* type of face lol~

my life for now... is  like a hurricane, cause i need to learn to juggle my studies and my hobbies too.
well i guess studies always come first after all. so i guess i cant complain much.

a picture which i found in a japanese fashion magazine some time back lol~
dont you think he looks a little like Tiger from Tiger and Bunny'?
Selicia totally agreed with meh~

bought this necklace at a flea market at scape for around $6 to $8?
cant really remember the price, but it so so adorable~

i have been playing another otome game~ yes another otome game!
it is called 


is about a girl who is suppose to marry or be killed by demons, of course each rule is different.
if she were to marry, the demon family will gain more recognition, or if she is killed and eaten, the demons would gain tremendous powers. so this game is a little more different then hakuouki.

its more of a adventure where you either live or die, and not everyone is there to protect you. the most interesting part of this game is that there is a time limit for most of the answers that you need to choose ><

so with me being unable to read most kanji OTL
i sometimes have to guess my answers... or when i run out of time, i select the wrong answer.

it can really affect your characters attitude severely or how the other characters would treat you after...
so it is really interesting!

right now i am wating for another game 8D but not sure if i will be able to find it!!!
*people sponsor me game and presents please* /shot

well my favorite character from the game would definitely be Kitou and  Hibiki

Kitou  has a rude personality... seriously rude, but he treats you better once you impress him alot.
and i mean literally ALOT. his hot hot picture be up there~ muaahaha

and  Hibiki reminds me too much of Chikage =.= i swear the artist is bias against chikage lol! like literally bias, because she drew him out in Hakuouki also.
it cant be just a mere coincidence right???!!!

ahahaha or am i reading too much into it???

Moe Moe Kyun and Atelier Royale

Hi everyone~ so i have become a part of a new family this year~ and am here to promote ourselves~
have you all heard of Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Atelier Royale Cafe?

These cafe's are highlights of Anime Festival Asia besides the performances and many other booths~ not to forget the cosplayers as well :D

shoo... about Moe Moe Kyun and atelier Royale~
This event MMK  would be reverting back to the original maid cafe and AR would be doing a wonderland theme~
arent you all just so excited!!~~
 and we are happy to announce it would be opened on the 12 and 13 of november this year during AFA

Danny choo has also done an update on MMK himself~ sho happy~

shall introduce the maids~
ya'll can click the picture to like the photo, and do remember to like MMK's page too~

first up will be Mika chan~


Rina~ She be the head maid this year~



Tora~ *rawr rawr*


and last but not least~ Kiyomi~

Shall introduce the Atelier Royale butlers now~
Do like their page first before clicking the photos, to like the photos~

First up~ Hiroshi. head butler for this year~







and last but not least~ Ren

Not forgetting to mention, MMK's and AR's pages are up on AFA websit now too~ sho please go see to if you are keen to learn more about us~

If you have never been to a maid cafe and butler cafe before, do come and see us~~ 8DDD

otome games

Sooo i have to admit that i am into otome games for now  >//<
like really into otome games... sucked deep deep in because of hakuoki!!! OTL
playing second ver of hakuoki now ... from hakuoki portable to hakuoki zuisouroku

reason one: because i like saito, okita, chikage, heisuke and sannosuke
reason two: i wont give up on the game till i have all the characters i want
reason three: because they are all bishies
reason four: because i really like them... how could you not???
reason 5: how can you give up on a game you played for like 2 to 3 characters???
reason 6: cause the story line changes for every game =3=

some of the game scenes i have gotten from zuisoroku since i have just started playing there still isnt much scenes =3=
but when you wake up you has eye candy to sheeee!!!

then see how evil okita can be~
cgs,hakuouki shinsengumi kitan,video game
cgs,video games,hakuouki shinsengumi kitan

the change in face O.o
cgs,hakuouki shinsengumi kitan,video game

ahaha okok i shall stop spamming hakuoki!

yesterday i went out together with a group of frens!!! finally being able to meet as a group! we were all bored so we planned a meet up muahahaha at AKB48~ the food was really delicious~

our pretteh pretteh group photo~~

pasta that me and kelly shared cause i had to go home for dinner lol! think it was called carbonara pasta?
i dunno how to spell it ><
we orderred the lunch set which includes soup and the main dish itself~
our set costs us $15.90~

my drink was the calpis fruit punch~~

ahaha sho cute right~~
 we took lots of camwhore pics OTL
me and kelly
jasmine (left) and veronica (right)
they are sho pretteh!!!~~ <3<3
kelly and i also pretteh~~
self praise equals to no praise lol~

final picture of the day~
from left to right:
kelly, veronica, meh,andrea, jasmine~~
all so tall... i the only one who ish short OTL

today was first day of school... hmmm i hate school but i have to attend school sigh

Kawaii.i and NHK tv

shooo last week i was invited by sochii to go for a NHK tv interview on saturday~
it was really interesting, cause it was my first time being filmed with my whole group of lovely friends!!!
well i met a few new ones of course! they were all so pretty~ i looked too plain next to them yes i do 
oh wells this shows that i just have to work harder on my ageha and gyaru styles !!! ganbarimasu! ヽ(ヽ>ω<)

took very few photos cause i forgot =3=
i was having too much fun lol! we filmed at cash studios~ we got to sing karaoke! but not for long though saaad!!
 but it was so cool cause the room that we went into was sooooo large! ahaha could totally feel like VIP *gives presidential wave*
-deserves to be smacked-

ohoh we got a limited edition domo kun from kawaii.i tv too~ damn cute~
well i think its limited since it aint one of the above 4 stated below lol

photos stolen from lawli~~ ahaha and lawli looked likea 15 year old child that day!!! damn cute >//<

photo stolen from sochii~~ nyahaha 
and 2 photos of my own >< forgot to take pic with sandra!!!! D8
that be sochii hand lol!

went out on saturday... had another appointment. was really busy had to go meet for lunch with my grandma ... then rush back home to do make and hair ><
while waiting for bus i saw a baby komodo dragon~
see if you can spot it lol~

bought cheese cake from the princess bakery it was sooo delicious  muahahaha

otaku life

so for the past 2 weeks i was on attachment at IMH... yes you heard right, literally not kidding.
i really dont mind it much at all though since i kinda knew what was to be expected there already.
to clear some doubts, though IMH is known for mentally ill patients, they are not literally crazy to the point of no retun, they are really the same as us... just very different points of view in life, or maybe of course they just cant control themselves.

so my two weeks a-of attachment there was of course interesting! i mean for every hospital attachment i have to care for the patients from head to toe, but this round, we only had to entertain the patients, byu talking to them and playing games.

Our job was to set up games for them, so we came up with a few entertainment activities of course 8D
some fo them were really cute though lol~

well the one thing i would really like to complain about, is that though the school actually said that they would pay us for our attachment during vacation period, now they arent paying us for our 3 weeks attachment this round at the polyclinic and IMH... i mean seriously, if you told us that during school days and we have attachment they wont pay us, i fully understand but when during our vacation and just needing to pay us a measly sum of $10 a day and for 15 working days issit that hard?
i mean i work outside i mean $7 to $8 an hour depending on what ever part time job i do, which actually equates to about near $60 a day which i can earn.

and $10 a day is so hard just to pay for our transport and meals...seriously i think they are really cheapskate.

okay no more ranting lol! shall stop!

met elaine and jimmy for dinner last friday after my last day of attachment.
went home first since i wanted to bathe, rushed out after that to orchard, cause i thought my otome magazine would be out by then. but when i went there D8 they asked me to come back on the 14th of october D8

so now i have to wait till 14th of october... buuu
checked twitter after that and realized that lawli was in town also and she was having a interview 8DD asked her to join us for dinner but she cant sad sad sad D8
so its okay~

there is always another time 8D
went to see selicia at her part time job again ~
she let me play hakuoki chibi version game OTL
damn cute!
my saito had to learn the belly button dance and sannosuke was the sensei!
sannosuke be a big meanie cause he kept making fun of saito lol!
damn cute right~~