wig preorder

hi everyone am doing a wig preorder that will be ending on the 27th of july~
so if ya interested~ do PM me on facebook~ 
you could also email me at camilleiora@hotmail.com
in this format
wig no. eg #1,
number of wig : 1
cost in total: $26













Rules are as followed

pre order closing on the 27th july

payment to be made by 27th july 2359

no payment no order ><

PM me to confirm orders~

price is in singapore dollars

orders are to be in singapore only >< for now i aint enough free time to open a preorder to 

overseas ><

*will tag your name to photo once you confirm order

take pic of receipt or give me the ref number once you have made payment ^^

will put 'PAID' next to your name once i have received payment*

will come in about 2 weeks after pre order or maybe earlier~ 8DDb
these are high temperature wigs~~ so they can be straightedned and curled up to 120
 degrees celcius

am not earning from this pre order >< cause i ordering for myself also 8D

just thought that some of you might wanna buy too

it already includes the shipping fee plus agent fee ~
no backing out once confirmed

P.S orders will be in singapore for now >< 

Cosfest XI 2012

so i have finally finished my practical exams for nursing!!! and i passed omg!! finally! my teacher was giving me hell for the last week or so D: it was horrible!

finished my practical in like 10 mins today!! so i am really happy >< hopefully i got good grades for it !

so as yyou can see from the title of this blog post...its a very very long overdue post that i have yet to write ahahaha!!! over due by about 2 weeks?
so now that i finally have some time in my hands right now~ i shall just make small update on my blog! be warned!! it is filled with pictures!

Day 1 of cosfest i was cosplaying as a solo person as i could not find anyone to do with me D:
but i still had lots of fun! the perks of being solo... 
1. you can run everywhere
2. you have no need to follow people around
3. meet more people
4. all the above 8D

i was cosplaying as maria~
photo by darren ~
am not too sure if anyone managed to recognise me though >< 
many people say they couldnt ):
photo credits to darren~

manage to meet razrig at cosfest as well!
hur hir some more awesome photos he took of me~
hur hur so awesome right~~ he managed to take photos of me smiling!! and for once i dont look weird!!! OMG! ahaha
managed to take photo with tsugumi and shuchi!
i look so round here though D: 
from left: tsugumi, shuchi , me
camwhore with elaine!
i also finally met chew yee for the first time!
he drew for me a card! for meeting me for the first time it was so cute!! didnt take a pic of it though its in my awesome box of cards 8D
met terence ho again after a very long time~
and managed to do a mini shoot with him
by terence ho
met jimmy C as well!
he did so many nice shots of meh too ! <-- thick skin
 finally met my long lost twin!! mikage otouotou you disappear for so long orz!!
camwhore with  pretty pertty mia and scary lawli!!!
lawli so scary  DD':
met shiro too she so cuute!
do you know what made me so mad on the first day!!!! i saw max! yes max!!! mas was prettier then me !!! D:<
HE sho PRETTEH right!!! life is so unfair D:
buuu buu!!!!

met junko too~ she was such a pretteh ranka~
i has photos with my twins again!!!
with akane!
with min!!! hurhur they are sho adorable~! <3<3
i found evie too
she so chio~
i manage to find yuki! finally saw him after so many months!

was shooting half way, then i received a SMS that i got into the cure fashion walk as a finalist! yay! was happy!

cure finalist back stage
there were  Elaine, Mia, Max, me, Akane , Min and a few more people!
(whose names i cant remember D:)
we were back stage with the ACM team on day 2~ ahhh they were so nice~
Elaine as Scanty (panty and stocking)
Mia as Aqua (kingdom hearts)
Max as Ahri (LOL)
me as illumina
Akane as soushi (iu X boku SS)
min as piko (vocaloid)

my manly make up!
muahaha was at the end of day 2
photo by kirogareth
photo by chewyee
darkon lore managed to capture a photo of me on stage though~ lucky~
friends tagged me in a post on stomp =..=
i managed to find my frens and i inside~

thats all for now~ will try to do a post soon on shibuya girls next ><
went for the first meet up gathering at takashimaya on sat~