Hey Cammie here~ 
As the title has stated, i would like too introduce to you all a product that helps in detoxification of the body.
It is the B&H capsules, which is really well known and has won awards in pharmacies such as guardian and watsons for being the top selling product. 
it has also won awards such as, “Superbrands” by The Hong Kong Superbrands Council,“Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Category Award” by The Hong Kong Superbrands Council and many more.

I have just started taking it not too long ago and i think it is really good.
Although it is a Chinese traditional medicine, its effects are really fast and good, which can actually be experienced within 4 to 5 hours of consumption.

it helps reduce acne, constipation, abdominal swelling, headache and bad breath.

how it is taken

  • Once a day: 1-2 capsules twice daily
  • Once in 2 days: 2 capsules twice daily
  • Once in 3 days: 3 capsules twice daily
  • Chronic constipation: 5 capsules twice daily
  • To be consumed for full 3 months to clear 80% of the toxins after which may be consumed at a reduce dosage. This is because accumulation of toxins takes place everyday and long term administration ensures no such accumulation.

i am taking in orders of 10 or more before i will go and buy it.
In watsons and guardian it is selling at $80 a bottle of 60 capsules, i am getting it at $72 per bottle.

please do let me know if you are interested.
email me at, and more details would be given to you thereafter.
i know it is really expensive, but i have managed to cut it down and i am not earning any income from this at all. 

just thought i should share something good that i have tried out~

random outing~~

Finally received the lens i ordered~~ 
haha so happy~ its so comfy to wear, wore it on sunday~
shall so a post on my blue lens soon~

Sunday last min meet terence ho for breakfast/ lunch at funan mall~
dragged erika along cause was too late to tell hime >< decided super last min 
haha went to eat KFC and walked around Funan mall
haha~~ went to salivate over the figurines at funan sooo pretty~~
haha so sochii there too with lawliet~ they were working~

left funan after playing around and went for a mini impromptu shoot.
no photos are out yet =.= except one~

me and erika so pretty~ (being ego)
rushed to meet imme after~~ so fun~~
finally meet her outside for thr first time w/o anything related to cosplay~

first time i go out, i sit nearly the whole day chatting~
miss the cosiness of being in a small group and chatting comfortably~
had lots of camwhore sessions~~

must show you my favorite picture of the day

so cute right??? can you spot me and erika in  the picture as well?? XDXD
cant wait to meet hime again~~
(sorry erika i always meet you more then her) =3=

anyone interested in Java books? they are used only once or twice still very new ><
selling them at $15
some pictures

please buy ><
my room is super packed DX

short update~

hihi~ all~
HAHA felicia sent me a link of something~ me and hime pic in someones tumblr~

hahah sho happy it ish the third pic~~~ XDXDXD

random post i know~ but yay~~

little posts~


my blog is dying~~ so i thought i would do a tiny post ~ haha~ hey pretty ladies~~
As everyone has heard, japan is in a pinch right now and everyone of us are doing our part to help them by chiipping in a bit of money, and there is a blogshop who is having a sale of 10% to 30% so that the proceeds will go to the japan tsunami relief fund!( discount is not entitled to the pre order) The blog shop is known as Garder la foi or also  GLF. they are having a pre order right now~!!! and i am so tempted to buy from their preorder!!!~
linkeh for the japan relief fund~

ahh~~ the dresses are so pretty~
the most tempting one be the jacket with wibbit ears!!!! i want!!! <3
the best part is this round they are also taking in orders for the shoes~ i want the shoes *hint hint* XD

if anyone is wondering if the service is good or if they can be trusted i can assure you 100% that they are really reliable~!! i got my instock clothes that they sell within a week~
more details will be offered at a later date on when the clothes that you have ordered will come in~
preorder closes on the 3rd of april~ so quickly pre order before it closes~

the linkeh~

everyone lets do our best to support in any way we can to the japan relief fund please ><
and so support the new pre order too!~
another blog i would link to introduce would be dolly desire~
they are taking in pre orders on make up palettes, brushes and even selling nail accessories!
we are also selling our costumes there~ so if you are interested in any of the ones we are selling please do not hesitate to ask us~

since we are just starting out please do support us!! ><
we will do out best to serve you all with as much efficiency as we can =.=7


since i have most of the photos that i wanted from comifest~~ 
both from Brian and Jimmy lol~
i shall do a post~ yay!!!

first day of comifest used my wa loli costume~~
since leng keong gave me the green light to use XDXD
sho happy~
photo credits to nexis~
haha i look sho nice~~ first time using it properly lol~
was so scared i would not look nice in it cause i never tried it properly with a wig plus the wig i used was a brand new one which i never used before O:
hime helped me trim it a little XDXD

erika and hime did shoots together since they were a pair so pretty had to leave them cause i felt awkward lol~ partnered Gab in the end~
photos by brian~
photo by alfen~
william took such a nice piccy of my eyes~~~
photos by william~

second day AFA went as the butler~ but with katana this round~~
Second day was my happiest day lol~
cause i manage to get a phot with stan stan, sochii, and poppy chou and tungyi wu~
me, sochii and hime~
photo stole from sochii's blog ><|||
photo credits to her~~
photo with stan stan lol~
photo credits to brian~ XDXD
me, poppy chou,tungyi wu and hime~
photo story board with dolly~~
haha you can go to jimmy's facebook and see~~
the link~

post post~

While waiting for photos to be uploaded when it was taken during comifest these past 2 days i shall do a updated post~
okok i do not make any sense right now =.=||
shleepy already DXDX

dad and mums birthday just passed~ made dad shepherds pie for his birthday~ for mum we bought her a cake XDXD

the making of the shepherd's pie -whee-

boil potatoes~~marinate the meat with soya sauce, tomato and chilli ketchup with black pepper
mash potatoes~ cook the meat~
add butter and a little bit of milk till pasty~
then but one layer of mashed potato in pan 
but cooked meat on top of first layer of mashed potato
put second layer of mashed potato on top of meat~
put cheese~ glaze with butter~ throw into oven~

bake till top becomes golden brown XDXD done~~

now time to nag DXDX
if of you have been following my FB you would have realised i have been angry DXDX sorta lol~ not always
since the same person always 'insults' me indirectly i have been getting annoyed.
i mean seriously what is wrong with having different partners (guys) for every cosplay event???
i dun understand why i had to be labelled as though i am sorta like a slut.
her own words: i am so jealous!! why you always change partners for every event what about your previous one? so many partners for what?
she said this infront of a whole lot of photogs can, i mean cant you be a bit more decent plus i dun understand why you just had to bring me down like this. IRRITANT

i shall take my frens advice and ignore her!!! thank you for being there my pwetty pwetty frens and suporting meh!!! really love you guys ><

erika photoshoot which i crashed lol~

i didnt really crash erika's PS... more like i was bored and asked her to strip aso i could use her costume for fun...hmmm
went to chinese gardens AGAIN yes you read right...AGAIN
think i am getting sick of chinese gardens already.
it rained nearly the whole day last sat. was horrible i tell ya!!! horrible..i hate it when it rains it justs spoils your mood. hmph!
Selicia could not make it...sian so sad DX
jimmy came cause erika and brian invited him lol~
damn fun~
erika brian and i were bullying jimmy cause he was wearing a green shirt and her voodoo doll was green so we said voodoo doll was jimmy and started poking pins at it XDXD

photos of erika before i stole her kimono lol

and pwetty photos of her after i stole her kimono XD

she be sooo pretty~~~

credits to jimmy~
brian hasnt posted up his share of photos on erika yet =3=

photos of thick skinned me after i stole erika's kimono =A=
photo credits to brian~
thast all for now~ any of ya people going for comic fest??? its this sat and sun at suntec convention hall~
i will be there~ as a human being~~ XDXD