Have been really busy these few days had to go buy lots of stuff that i need for cosfest 
so now i am officially broke =3=
am glad the tailoring for my costume wont take up much moolah though ~phew~

bought some stuff on friday at watsons and went to catch a movie with jimmy and mikan~ XMEN!!!
the show is kinda funny lol but the ending is like wth! totally!
my impression of mystique kinda got spoilt =3=
thought she was suppose to have a uber great figure but but in the movie it was soso DX

2 BB cream small samples and a lip balm~

back packaging of the lip balm

 dont really like the lip balm after i used it =3=
was suppose to help me moisturise my lips but it felt as though it was drying my lips more then helping it buuu~ wasted money DX
never buying lip balm from Mentholatum anymore

should have went for the chupa chupps DXDX

ohoh~ and and i bought a japanese bun to try~
looked so cute~~ so i just had to buy it and try it!!~ *smacks self*

looie likea hamburger~
i am a noob i havent tried this bread before until now ehehehe. i am in my own little world lol
soft, fluffeh and yummeh bread!!! want to buy another one soon but a different flavour~~
i wanna try the chocolate flavour~

tried out the BB cream today~
the pink one which is for moisturizing!
make skin smooth and supple :3

tube so small but oh wells it was a sample set that was on sale at watsons fufu
why they no sell big bottle one!!!
color of bb cream look so dark =3=
was afraid that if i put on my face!! what if it make me become darker looking O.O
but i tried it on anyway and fell in love with it yay~
have such good coverage~
i want more!!!!

 finally a picture of what i have bought in just 2 days (sat and sun)
omg can cry!!
but but i dun regret buying my book ahahaha!!!
cause cause it is my long awaited lover!!! <3<3 =3=
*runs from random throwing of knives*

ANNND today is FATHERS' DAY!!!
 have you all given anything to your father??
bought haagen dasz for my dad cause he kept hinting to me and my brother.
*opens empty wallet*
why you make such expensive requests =3=
well it is a good thing that it happens only once a year or i will become really broke ahaha!! 
you will see me begging on the streets for money~

Happy and broke for now~
tata till the next time~

ballgown shoot no.2

Before i start about my post i have to rant!! rant rant rant!!
because i was annoyed yesterday at my last day of attachment!
stupid patient relative complain so much that her mum was so ill and could even dare ask why we put the mother on that bed i was like thinking 'hello!!! if you would have taken better care of your mum, she wouldnt end up on this state right????!!!!'
seriously people should take responsibility of their own doings before blaming it on us 

Had a second shoot for my ballgown about a few weeks ago =3=
this time it was with hime and erika. Was really dreading it cause everything was not properly organised between us and everyone had their different opinions, but we managed to sort it in the end !
BUT!! it was my turn to be stumoed as i did not know what to do with my wig, everyone said that it was too messy in the previous shoot and would prefer me to use my own hair, but i did not want to wake up early to style, so i had to rack my brains for a new idea and finally came up with it XD
from this
 to this
chopped the front part off *kashing kashing!*
was so happy while chopping it!! ahahaha erika was screaming at me when she heard i anyhow chop it ahaha damn funny
then anyhow braid the hair and style~ then tada~
*lifts chin high*

Was very happy that the shoot was in the evening, cause i dont have to wake up early again~
the shoot was held till 8pm and by 730 it was pitch dark DX
so scary the area didnt have any lights at all!!!!!
can faint, but it went well~ ehehehe
was happy with how the photos turned out XD

attachment =3=

right now i am on my last week of attachment at KTPH i cant wait for this friday!!!
been suffering while waking up at 5am for my morning shifts =3=
i no like morning shift cause i have to wake up so early, but i like it cause times passes faster *smacks head against wall*
afternoon shift can wake up later and sleep longer!!! but but!!! i go home later!!!! DXDX
so after weighing the consequences....

i have concluded both are equal in their own way sigh ...

froggeh that i got from jimmy from my first ballgown shoot i had with him~
sho cute ahaha~ naruto's pouch!!!

some of the piccies by Jimmy Tan~
sho pretty i like like lots!!! 
want do more shoots~~
but am so busy right now it is so hard DXDX
for now tata~

ish back with JAF

Have gone missing for like 3 weeks???
was so busy i forgot to update~!!! and now that i am back, i have more things to update OTL
so many things so sad so sad so much to update!
shall update about JAF first, was held last saturday! and i was in the toki doki maid cafe!
my name is chizuru, did any goushoujinsama or ojousama drop by to say hi?
look of the day originally~
sho weird O: didnt use my new maid costume in the end cause i found that i cant fit those type of looks =3=
planning to sell it anyone interested?
will put up photos of it to sell soon~

 unglam photos of stan~ ahaha i stole his fox tail !!! didnt want to return it to him at all DX
love it too much!

norine goushoujin sama came down to see me XDXD sho happy~
secret photo i took with her using my handphone whoo!!
esther and amos and shin also dropped by sho happy~
i forgot the rest of the peoples name 8D;;
me and gab

me and takeda ryuuji~

                                                                                    erika and i
me and elaine~ finally i remember to take a photo with her =.=||

me and aki~~!! she sho cute!!! assistant chef~

hime hime hime~~ sho pretty!

introducing the one and only evie~

head maid lawli~

head maid sochii~
oue head maids sho pretty~ i want steal their prettiness XDXD

more photos of me and hime cause we <3 to camwhore~

our maid sara!

our chef of the day brandon~ whooo!!!


ehehehe hime and i again psps~

cute unglam shot!!

chuck chuck!!! anyone wanna buy the mini ver?? lawli be selling them at 12 bucks~
the one up there is the large ver
mini ver can fit in your palm~
sho cute!

photo before going home~~

last photo of the day~~
we worked hard~ and did our best!! 
Thank you everyone for coming down to support us!
Rule one of promoting a maid/ butler cafe: when sending down maids / butler to promote, never send out one meido and butler but 2 meidos cause we attract more attention =.=||