my blog ish dead a dead thing OMG.
cause i am lazy =.=||
celebrated my birthday last week~~ was on 17th and19th of april~
17th april~
haha i had a surprise celebration, i was being chased away the whole day cause erika, hime, brian and jimmy didnt want me around =.=
they lied to me the whole day 
had an impromptu casual shoot lol
all the spastic faces were present~ did not know they would use all these pictures to create for me a present *huggles thy presents*

went for sochii's shoot with stan, was meant to be a surprise but it got spoiled =.=||
had gossip talk with stan ahaha~ so fun~
took pics with chii too~

forgot take with stan =.=
went to saizeriya with anthony and sochii, had free dinner~
went to meet jimmy they all at funan, went with sochii lol
jimmy brought us to the old supreme court
had a big surprise there OTL had so much fun

19th april 
celebrated with the bro force, erika, elaine, evie and brandon lol
 went to eat desserts ~~ 
so delish~~
met setsu after~ she went to the dentists so could only meet her a little~
but i still had so much fun~

thank you for the gifts everyone~~
*still huggling her gifts lol*

SOYC 2011

went for SOY XDXD
it was fun omg!!! damn funny my fav skit from the competition was the full hakuoki team!!!
cause they all did sennpakku instead of dancing to the bieber song!!!
all so shuai~~
i just had to have a picture of them together~~
haha photo credits to jimmy~~
aud aud came all the way down to see me!!!

jeanette and aud aud

aud aud and me~

i had photos with hatake too~
photos with sochii~

with stan~

with setsu~

with selicia~

with elaine~


and my camwhore photos~

random outing with hime and nor nor

met up with hime (otouotou) on friday at vivo~~ haha
a super delayed post =3=
 Passed otou otou the wa loli so she could use for cosfest~
so happy~~
and and i managedd to convince her to do with me a vocaloid cos!
whee so happy~~
talked alot of things with otou otou ~ second time going out with her not mainly the point of a cosplay event~
forgot to take photos with her XDXD
she met nor nor for like 5 min then she had to leave so sad DXDX

Met nor nor at vivo too~
went to daiso to buy snacks and eat and went to see the pets at the pet farm? i think it is the 'pet farm'
i forgot the name =3=
the shiba inu was so cute!!!!
we bought so many snacks we finished 3/4 of it =.=
went to bugis just to eat at the dessert shop XDXD
camwhore there~~ she took so many unglam pic of me OTL
nor nor sho pretty~ not like my spastic face =3=
spastic face
camwhore~~ i like how i look here~~~ muahahha
shall post about SOYC soon haha~~
for now can everyone vote for this piccy please~~~

Rachel Nah – Canon New IXUS Experience

hihi~ everyone vote for this pic will ya~~ pleasee~~~~~

Rachel Nah – Canon New IXUS Experience

busy busy~

FAV photo of the day~~
Last week was a uper busy week~ haha~
had a last min decision to have a shoot with jimmy cause we was on leave had to find a dress 2 days before a shoot, with being so tomboyish!! i had no dress besides the 2 i bought from Garder la foi and my miku one.
=.= think i better start stocking up on dresses
met jimmy on last tuesday to walk around bugis to look for a dress... fail!
no dress
thursday!! manage to find a 'dress' and went for the shoot~~ haha~
played with jimmy's dog~ so cute!!

gab came to join us half way~

my 2 fav piccies with him~~

on sat had a shoot with terence ho~ lol
super random~
photos i took from the biannale~

paintings by the kiddies~

look at the school!!! it states IJ TP!!!

haha i love the next 3 photos!!! try to spot why!

after shoot went to meet erika lol! she owe me PRATA!!!!
cause she was late =.=
she still owes me prata~ lol went to meet her all the way at orchard from kallang's singapore binnale~
camwhore in toiletXDXD

lookies!!! 2 pandas!!!! guess whose!!!
wallet (erika)
handphone (stan stan)

konkyaku jelly!! haha homemade =.=
erika drop by my house after~ cause got nth to do
comb and pleated my blonde wiggeh~

now on sunday lol~~ had another shoot~
a fashion shoot i did for the first time

was stressful ><
after that went to meet kyuu~~~ but i never take piccy with her DXDX
had fun gossiping muahahah!!!
borrowed 6 books that day!! omg! had to stuff two in my bag, carry 4 in my hands and they were all thick hard covered books =.=