Irritating day yesterday, thought that i could go to school and do some research for the project, but when i reached school the freaking library was closed |< sigh i wasted my strength (in carrying my laptop and school books), my money (transport fee) since i am pretty broke this time i really really need a job soon, sat outside the lecture hall and like totally stone for an hour plus while looking at a computer screen. Was trying to find better information for the project sighs. waste of time.

Anyways... some photos from the photoshoot.... totally stole it from edmund, only one photo of me still though cause our beloved photog went overseas~~
Cant wait for him to come back so i can see the rest of the other photos~

I still think i totally suck as freya~ even erika and a few others agree so!
see it shows i must never do characters with bangs anymore yes yes!!! must never ever do anymore. XD

from left: me, terrence, edmund, spinelo!

spinelo looks super cute as chii!!! hahaha!!! can huggle her~

more photos more photos of the 'couple' of the day
haha love this photo the most cause spin spin looks eviillll~
haha!! cause she must only like meh~
damn i am an egoist lol~

have one candid shot!

Amy and edmund~ 

Amy my cute little butler~
credits to Rezki for the photos taken during the photoshoot~

Oh and not too forget, even though it is a little belated MERRY CHRISTMAS ~
A little thank you gift to you all~
photo by terence ho~
miku: me
zatsune miku: erika
editing of borders and words : erika~

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