AFAMY 2012 day2

basically about day 2 of AFA which was on sunday~ (or basically day 3 for me since i arrived on friday)
had to drag myself out of bed since i was sososo sleepy D: it was also freezing cold!!
had to search for body warmth! and my closest thing to body warmth was DD!
but she was just as cold as i was ... so i had no body heater .
sleepless night again... with little sleep = bad mood= evil cammie = evil cosplay!
that night sara slept on teh floor!! muahahahaha but when i woke up he was snuggled up in the other bed.

woke up at about 9am because i could not sleep anymore... ran to the toilet and did all the neccessities and ran back to the bed and snuggled under the blanket again... akane and min were laughing at me =3=
it was very very cold! really!!!! i no lie i no lie!!!

shaking DD out of bed was ... hmmm simple i guess. had to shake her a few times before she replied me lol! and i gave up and went to my next tarhet which was sara... and i received the same cold shoulder D:
evil you be evil!! you both be evil!!

ahaha kidding kidding!
i gave up and went to do my makeup first~ at my own leisurely pace when suddenly someone jumped out of bed shouting 'oh yea kaname performance is at 10am!'
 akane, min and i were so shocked and started laughing

in the end we could not make it to kaname's performance of course... we woke up too late haiz
we had a mini snap shot of us by the twins~ after our make up was done!

our room lighting was awesome~~~
too awesome! none of these photos were edited at all~

that day i was BOSS! cause i had evil aura! bow down to meh everyone! 
and i had to shuai shuai boys~~ <3<3
be jealous ppl~~

went down to the event and bought the tickets and went to AFA directly but we were stopped so many times as DD and sara was so popular~~ they were doing character's from brave 10! yuri and saizo repectively.

we rushed to the concert area cause DD wanted to see tasha~~ we managed to see her! but from so far away D: -emos-
we waited for about 1 hour lol! 

met my adorable kaori there~
the weird thing behind us was stanley whom was trying to photobomb! but failed terribly!
i was lost at AFA for like an hour or so D: because i thought DD and sara were busy with their fans and i went upstairs for a mini shoot D:
but when i came down they were missing D: i am so so sorry !!! they walked 3 rounds searching for me D:
i ish sry D: your XMM went missing 

in the end i manage to find them on my second try ~~ they were in the event hall!! muahahah i be smart!!
they be queuing up to have photos with tasha ! i came too late though! they were already taking the photo with tasha =3=

went to Moe Moe Kyun to find my dear sisters!! they could not recognise meh D:
they were so shocked when they finally realise it was me ahahaha!!!
Tora's reaction, rina's and kiyo's were so funny! 
my Atelier Royale butlers also could not recognise me too!
ahaha hiroshi was so shocked!

went back out to the front and found Jim! could not resist and i had to take a pic with him also~
excuse my unglam face lol~
he gave me a polaroid too~ we camwhores with a polaroid~ his aiming skills be awesome!!!
begged him to let me take photo with tora too~ and he agreed!! yay me!!
my cute cute partner!!!

managed to camwhore with sara


camwhore with DD~~ make kaori take for us muahahaha *pure evil*
managed to find Nero again as well!
found ACE too~
sadly he was out of his costume already D:
managed to take a photo with him at day 1 though~~
blurmage took a nice nice photo of me too~
 by brian lim~
by eugene yan~

rushed back to the hotel to change so we could go out and eat after! we were all so tired!!!
sadly akane and min left in the afternoon D: they could not join us for dinner D:
took photos before changing out~

rushed down after to meet everyone!!
we ate at gardens cafe!
met many ppl~
took photo of stanley being unglam~
group photo of all of us~
 shall end of here~
need to sleep @_@ am sick sigh
shall continue about my stay at KL day 4 soon~~

AFAMY 2012 day1

have been way behind in my blogging D:
and finally i can blog about one of the most anticipated cosplay events in malaysia this year~
which is AFAMY'2012!!!

because i manage to attend! hur hur was really excited for the coming weekend! i really was!!!
to the point in class i kept fidgeting around non stop ahahaha!!!
<-- bad example... please do not learn from me 

so this post will have lots of photos D: lots and lots!!! hope juu all dun mind D:

Left on friday afternoon with sara, because kaori, stanley and tristan abandoned us D:
they took the earlier bus at 830 D:
i was kidding lol, they took the earlier bus and we didnt because i had to attend lessons at 8 in the morning.
i be a good girl! i attend lessons first before going overseas !
Met shiki and his fren in the bus, and we were discussing about what the lady(person who sold the tickets) told another friend of ours saying that there was a couple who was sitting behind our seats, but it turned out to be 2 guys... which doesnt make sense!
2 guys does not equate to a couple... unless they are gays i guess... but they are far from it!!

reached KL at around 1030pm?
and met the twins at berjaya times square~ we took the LRT to PWTC! but then we took the wrong side and we ended at the end which was at chan sow lin LOL
then when we finally took the train back in broke down the stop before PWTC D:
nuuuuu train why you break down one stop before D:
finally reached the hotel, but it was too late to pick up DD from her hotel, cause it was already 11+
sorry DD we were lost and had to walk some time to find a bus and take to the hotel D:

did inori on day 1 of AFA!
did the school version uniform~ ahahaha sadly i dun think i pulled her off that well D: i think it might be because of the lack of sleep the night before.
new enviroment = cannot sleep 

photo with eugene~
some photos by him~~ hur hur he manage to catch the innocent meh~
photo by A.R.C love it lots lots~

some photos at the event~
my awesome twins!!!!

managed to get a photo with miyoko~~ hur hur was so happy to meet her~ have been stalking her DA for so long ><

got photobombed by DD ah~~

kaori sho pretteh!!! i got kish! kish!!! <3<3 be jealous ppl~~
group photo!! from the left!!
sara, mia, meh, stanley!!
DD and sara fighting over akane's tail!!!
sara and DD's hand!!!
akane and shine~
akane and lea~
me and shiki~

went out for dinner after that with molly and her group of frens. my pair of lovely twins, akane and min, stanley, kaori, tristan and sara~~
ate teppenyaki! but could not eat half of it cause it was veggies!! i no like veggies D:
threw all of them at sara!! ahahaha!! reached the hotel at like 11+ again lol~ and had to do my crazy wig!!!

my crazy wig! after i curled and destroyed it!!
big fluffeh tail!!!