nornor photoshoot

My first day of real holiday started on thursday~~
muahaha happiness!!
i spent it on going out with nor nor for her photoshoot lol, cause i did not want to spend it all alone at home hehe~

we went budget eating for lunch at bugis lol~ then walked around to look for smart pants for my brother haha~ bought for him one at G2000 XD 
that concludes the day of my shopping lol
photo of us camwhoring before eating lunch XD
me with no makeup = cui

went to head out to meet nor nor's cousin
was so shocked when i met her cousin!
no similarities at all!! i mean literally zero (sry nor nor the facts)
nor nor = western/jap
cousin = ahlian/jap lol

cousin be pretty~ lol but very heavy make. was so scared for nor nor cause her cousin doing for her make
went to a studio near bugis called 'candle something lol' forgot the name already.
was stoning when nor nor had a photoshoot
stole her cam and took photos of her XD
i be a pro photog 8D

photo of her cousin doing her hair lol
was doing make up while waiting during the shoot
camwhored only one photo cause cousin bf moved to do something!! <3

haha i was telling nor nor how heavy her make was lol~
she was shocked at the end of the shoot had to hurry to iluma and remove some of the make~
camwhored in bus on the way home 


I can finally blog in peace again~~
haha~~! the exams are finally over and i can parteh for 4 days! only 4 days *sobs*
cause of attachment on monday!

Exams finally ended, and i have nothing to do now! like nothing except to prepare for my father's birthday on friday~
i am making shepherd's pie!! XDXD *yum yum slurp slurp*
Haven't made shepherd's pie for so long >< hope it still taste as nice TT.TT

Went to orchard today!
saw a pwetty pwetty picture of changmin from DBSK!
hehehe!!! took photo of it~
must go tag aud aud!!

changmin so handsome!! hahaha
Following on Erika for her shoot on sat~ 
Photographer Brian and jimmy~
hope it turns out well~ please please dun let it rain.

may shoot also but highly impossible i guess cause i be lazy!!!
i dun wanna use make up for now!
my face be horrid because my mum asked me to use this new facial soap and it made my face bad!!! REally bad DXDX

Oh if anyone is interested in looking for a photog, i really suggest brian and jimmy~
haha i  really love their photos~ do check it out~ and if interested you can ask them to shoot for you too~
But of course price range varies from time to time~

A cancer patient only has one wish, to get better. I know that 97% of formspringers will not post this as an anon question, but my friends will be the 3% that do! In honour of someone who has died or is fighting cancer - send this to everyone <3

A cancer patient only has one wish, to get better. I know that 97% of formspringers will not post this as an anon question, but my friends will be the 3% that do! In honour of someone who has died or is fighting cancer - send this to everyone <3

Answer here

confused DX

hey everyone~ am still in the middle of the exams right now and am super bored!!!
Cause i do not feel like studying right now DX
I have a feeling my grades are going to plunge tremendously ><
but am still studying hard!
really trying!!

So far life has been hmmm... somewhat dull since i can seldom go out for the time being DX
Just found out my attachment schedule in the hospital ><
really hate it!
I mean the timings are alright... but why do i always end up alone for all attachments???!!!
This round i dun even kow who is in the same ward as me... all my friends are still somewhat together but me!!! Iam in a completely different ward. TT.TT

Have no mood to go for attachment either ):
cause theyu were suppose to pay me in my previous attachment but they still havent paid me. i mean it is not that big of a sum right???
like 10 dollars a day you pay us for our services.
it has been dragged from august!! like excuse me!
why should i go work for you if you cant even pay us this measly sum DX
All other hospitals have paid all trainees except you!

---------------change subject-----------------

What i really am wishing for now ish!!! A violin~!!! haha
super random plus plus i want to do lots of cosplays!!!
muahhaha have one in mind but dont know if i should do!!
Still have to discuss about the 2 cosplays i need to do with otouotou and erika hmmm...
decisions decisions i hate!!!

oh wells shall properly discuss and think through everything carefully after exams :)

happy belated valentine's day~

o yeah~ i have not been updating my blog frequently as you all can see ><>

there is one exam tomorrow!the day after! and everyday next week till wednesday DXDX
meaning i cant have fun till next week!!! O:
*ish heartbroken*

Am here to wish you all a Belated Happy Valentine's!! <3
Our photog Jimmy did a Layout for me and otou otou using pictures with our photoshoot with hhim so cool!!!

so nice right ??!!! XDXD haha!! being ego here cause both of us look so nice!!!
Been removing lots of photos from my DA cause i thought it would be nice to put up better photos then just putting up simple photos~

So if anyone follows my DA you would have realised i threw out a lot of photos! still planning on throwing out more.
*sobs its going to look so empty *

Now i need to go back and study!!! like i really have to try to study!!
tata for now~ will update more soon~

outing with nor nor~and dinner at neighbors house~

Went out with Nor Nor today~ was quite a last minute thing decided half an hour before leaving the house
Good thing is she lives very near me so deciding it a little last minute is good~
kidding kidding i decided with her last night to come see a photoshoot, got cancelled so i asked her to go out instead~
met at Serangoon interchange, our usual meeting place, was complaining to her by SMS how long i had to wait for the bus cause i was bored.

Had to complain to her that my mum scolded me for not putting on make-up while going out.
i dun really fancy putting it on >< so troublesome... but i went to NEX and did it anyway, since it be still NEW YEARS hahaha~

makeup turned out half assed, eyeliner wasn't well drawn, forgot the eyebrows lol
oh wells~
at least it still turned out somewhat okay.

Ate at yoshinoya~ haha damn nice~
went to Bugis to look for a simple blazer cause i need one on monday and i think i should also get one ><
the price kills DX
didn't buy any in the end, decided to borrow nor nor's one XD

went to eat dessert at a dessert stall, forgot the name alr >< 
erika was the one that introduced it to me last time ordered black sesame paste and aloe vera with honey and lemon~
forgot to take pics as usual~ only remembered after eating finish the whole bowl of dessert ><
wittle rabbit so cute~
little rabbit that GF brought with her so we could play XD
pouty face O:

Went to comics connection earlier and found another rabbit damn cute!!!
GF said it looks like a baby i totally agree~
me and dumbo the elephant~
kinda makes sense since im quite dumb lol

we walked around aimlessly for like one and a half hours, then i finally decided i needed to go kino~
kino is my best fren~
bought 2 magazines~
the usual popteen~

and finally decided to try a new magazine~ AGEHA~

the cover looks so nice~
rushed home after to go for mass and rushed off to my neighbors house for new year's dinner

The feast that was prepared by my family and them O:
there was so much we could not finish ><
watched ice age 3 at their house too lol~ laughing throughout
then played a few rounds of black jack special edition created by my neighbors

i didnt play, but i helped my father win money~
before playing
mid way during playing

left after awhile cause i didnt feel like staying any longer
haha~ thats all for now tata~~ XDXD

CNY~ 2011


Since i am pretty bored at home right now and it is the second day of new year ><
i shall blog since i have nothing else better to do right now~
cant go out cause all my friends all bai nian
so so so~ i am dead bored right now~
self entertainment is necessary
hehehe~ muahahhha

was suppose to wake up at 730am yesterday to prepare and go to church~ but since the previous night i slept at  *koffkoff*3am i could not wake up at 730am cause i was lazy to crawl out of bed and do my hair, makeup and all ><
i woke up at 9 instead ahahahha!!!!
mum killed me when she came back at 10am ><
lecture on why we should go to mass -bleah-

but i woke up at 9am!!! it be a miracle for a holiday~
did my make up and hair, was done by 10am cause i was playing the computer and preparing at the same time .
feels as though i do not really bother lol~

photo's taken before leaving the house~

went to my Grandma's house (father's mum)
forgot to take pics >< haha
had such nice food!!! curry, soup, dessert!! and snacks muahaha!! simple yet delicious~
stones there for like quitwe some time with my cousins lol~

After that we were chased to go to my aunts house cause she was like ' i prepared food at my house, so i dun care you all cannot go home' 
my cousins and i were like =.=|||
half hour car ride to your house eh~

then rushed to my aunts house eat food~~!!!
haha i stole more sweets then actually bothering to eat the food she made cause i was too full!! i did eat her asam fish~ muahaha 
again no photo >< forgot

took picture of some chocolates!! Soo cuteee~~~

i was like this is chocolate??? it be neko mimi!!
damn cute right~~
haha photo of my dying cousins and brother

just found out my cousin does animation badges for webbies muahaha~~ 
i want one too~ but i not pro i dunno how to do~ DXDX
who willing to teach me ><

went home after 2 hours at my aunt's house ><
camwhored at home~
ohoh!!! the clothes i wore are from Garder La Foi
some pics to show off the dress i wore~ i PS-ed a little to sharpen the features of the dress so you all may see the details and how good the material is~

left the house one hour later rushed to my grandma's house mum's side this time ><

haha~ was kinda fun~ gossiping~!!!
cause we girls had nothing else better to do!!

stressful and heart warming at the same time XD

Today was kinda stressful cause i had a jap exam ><
i didnt study much as you could see from my previous post DX
cause i was being an otaku who doesnt like to study but like to read mangas and watch anime

dressed in jap school uniform today that i received from my order about 2 to 3 weeks ago?
i am not to sure~ forgot already XD
my memory be bad

could not open the webpage for the exam on my com like omg!!!
then i realize i wasn't using windows explorer but google chrome... dumb idiot.
cammie you are like super careless D8

managed to open the exam on windows and started doing and halfway!!! i realise that i could not type out the jap words like omg!
raised my hands to tell teacher checked my language tool bar and all and it was all okay!! turned out it was the stupid school website that didnt allow me to type out in jap.
wasted a good 10 mins on finding the error when there was none DXDX

After fixing that problem i realised i had an even bigger problem  DX didnt know there was a time limit on the exam and i had like less then 15 minutes to do 3 more pages of questions DXDX
i wanted to faint at that point, but overall managed to finish the paper sorta~
hopefully i can get good marks ~

Had a roleplay exam!!! omgosh it was so funny~ we were all laughing at each other from different groups
we kept making mistakes, i was so nervous i actually skipped out one part and went to the next :O

sadly it is our last lesson with Oohara sensei and Etsuoko sensei DXDX
i had had had to take pictures with them XDXD
cause i will miss them alot XD

etsuoko sensei and me~

etsuoko sensei, frens and me<3

oohara sensei and daniel lol

oohara sensei and me~

 me and my frens XDXD

met erika after so i can go buy my brothers stuff went sembawang shopping centre~

erika trying to fix back the sticker she accidentally took out lol

and of course all the above are camwhore pictures
my face sigh~ ugly max or not~ hahaha
is okay i am proud XD
we went daiso shopping XD