life of a otaku when supposed to be studying

Was suppose to be studying for an exam today, lol but of course it didnt seem to work much ><
i am easily distracted dear me... aud aud came to my house to collect the wig i was selling to her
haha~ happy be rid of one wig but kinda sad since it was the very first wig i bought ><
my Zatsune miku wig

Am si happy to see her cause the last time i actually saw her was last month i think?
my twinneh~ XDXD

waiting for her upload pics from her MAC to her fb ><
twinneh if you see this message quick quick post XD
miss her lots since i can only see her once in a blue moon =A=

basically back to what i was saying my life as an otaku when supposed to be studying~
eating kimchi instant noodles~

also watching anime at the same time XD
HAKUOKI~ ooh the handsome bishounens~

after eating and watching 15 episodes of hakuoki~ i realised how late it was and i have not stared studying TT3TT

picked up my book and rushed the studying process which didnt last long of course XD
i started talking to lots of people online!!! and even read manga!

oh me oh my!!! someone has got to seriously chain me up and stop me from digressing from my original goal!!!

wish i had a mental chain lock to do that for me sigh~

hanging out ~ missing my otouotou~

My little otou otou had a photoshoot today~~
today he dun have his Shuainess, but but he got his hotness ,prettiness factor muahaha~~~
he ish sho sexy~ 

photo i cope from brian~ muahaha~~
thank you brian~
since i forgot to take photo of her today~
today's weather was pretty bad~ could not take many shots~ but but since my otouotou so pro and our photog brain so pro we managed this pretty pretty photo of my otouotou~
soooo pretty right~~~

Was a pretty long day today ><
met erika at 1 at admiralty mrt to collect our stuff from out taobao supplier 
i was late by half hour'suppose to meet at 1230 DXDX
sooo sorry erika ><

so we collected our stuff lol~
and i got my kimono!!!~ yay~
i shall not post how my kimono looks like 
until leng keong takes a photoshoot of me~
muahaha~~ he sponsored me the kimono~ <3

got my wig today too~

Erika and I went to woodlands to look for otou otou birthday present ><
had such a hard time deciding what to buy DX
hopefully otouotou likes it~

arrived late to meet otou otou at chinese gardens.... suffered the wrath of anger, TAT
but when we presented her the present she smiled so broadly XD
she was like 'omg thank you~, i thought you would have forgotten my birthday~'

otouotou your niisan heart very pain~~
you too cute alr~

some photos that we took cause we had nothing else better to do~

a preview of my kimono~

didnt take any photos in it~ cause all didnt look nice ugly~ never prepare well cause just got it today~
make up today was horrid too ><

for now tata~
shall update again soon~
cant wait to see my beloved otou otou~ 
do visit his blog~ 

clothes from GARDER LA FOI~~

Hihi all~
Gonna review on the clothes i got from GARDER LA FOI
Hee hee~ The clothes is love~ The cloth is so soft and silky to touch
The material is really good too. 
I can assure you all you will not be dissappointed if you ever bought clothes from them!!!!
Their service is really good too, as they reply you as soon as they can and will never delay over 24 hours~

Garder la foi crew are really nice too~ They stick to what they promised~
They said the very latest they would give me my tracking number on mon since i ordered on friday night~
They kept to it and even gave me the tracking number earlier~!
Received my 2 dresses on tuesday~ When i saw the package when i came home yesterday i was like OMGOSH! It ish here!!! *rips package*
They packed it really neatly too!! *Smacks self for forgetting to take photo of package*

The clothes were so neatly packed right right~~ hehe~ these days its so hard to get clothes that are so neatly packed

The purple dress i ordered~ 
So pretty~ I really love it~
It shows off teh figure really well XDXD i totally recommend it~

The other pretty dress i ordered~
GD11003 (Black)
Hee hee its sooo cute!!!

Please ignore the mess behind ><


I promise you will not regret it!!~


thus the photo explains it all!
some one called me fat today!
i mean you dont have to remind me that i actually put on weight right and actually say it in my face seriously~
at least i am glad i am not the type of girls who are so anorexic!
i am a healthy girl with a healthy BMI thank you very much!

forgeddit! i shall post about what i have been doing~
got my school cardigan today~ and my rin costume sooo pretty~~
hehe~ went to spin spin house to collect them~

shall show you the school uniform first XD

sorry for the horrible face >< totally didnt bother with make up~

just wanted to show off the school uniform~ XD

My rin costume~~ so cute right??? i forgot to wear the wings *smacks self*
i know i look a little plump! but i dun care~ i love the way how i am!
got my photos from my photoshoot with albert~ only a few though stole from his facebook account~

hehe i love the photos~

tata for now~

shopping and birthday celebration (sorta)

Hey everyone~
Another random post by me
went out yesterday with erika and toma(tommy) XD
went shopping for stuff that we still need for new year and cosplay ><

went to bugis to look for clothes for erika, shoes for me and tie and belt for toma~
stayed there for like 2 hours but only managed to get erika stuff ><
well there just werent any shoes that caught my eye so it aint my fault right *hmph*
its not that i'm picky *ignores any commentaries about being picky*
the price range for some shoes were ridiculous, i totally forgot to state ><

so i gave up on shopping for shoes at bugis and went shopping for nail accessories instead lol~
such a big change of topic.
no shoes = to go for other stuff that you need muahahhaa
bought quite a few nail accessories, so that i can make for my mum since she paid for my clothes this round
trying to be fair
just hope i am able to do it well since this will be my first time doing it
i only usually do basic manicure for her ><

haha accessories so pretty!!!

toma and i couldnt find out stuff so i suggested going to orchard
yes i know orchard! like where all the expensive stuff is where broke people like me can never afford DX
went to mitju for shoes none!!
suggested new look!!!
muahahaha i found 2 pair of shoes XDXD ish loves~
only took photo of one of the shoes i tried on lol
bought both~
cause they were oh so pwetty~
(influenced erika to buy same pair as me XDXD)

i dun care if you think i am wasting money. I calculated the uses for it before buying. bleah!
went far east after look for more clothes bought none so we went to eat at pasta mania~
had mushroom baked

erika's dory baked rice

toma's spaghetti and secret shots of him~ muahahhaa

and me being evil~ taking evil photo of erika~

rushed off to fren's birthday celebration after that~
a mini outing lol~ went to esplanade there to go see the merlion lol
me and erika camwhoring there while waiting for them

tried out one of the shoes while taking pics looks so lovely~
hahaha~ can really tell we were bored while waiting for them lol

by the time they came i had to go >< cause mum and dad was fetching O:
one photo with  the birthday girl ><

and steals of the day XDXD

Decisions and Japanese fashion blog shopping~

Decisions decisions~ thats what i have been doing the past few days... cause i didnt feel like studying, had to review for a project, and shop for clothes for CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
Had a presentation today... on pregnancy. Yes you heard right! PREGNANCY!
Was kinda stressful cause i am quite bad at the subject considering i am actually a girl!
To make things worst~ my mentor was the teacher so double the stress!!
More of like triple the stress cause she tested us after the presentation!
I answered correctly though!
so happy!!~~~~

Met stanley for the first time today lol~ 
haha damn funny went SIDM section in the ddgm room, go play chess hahaha~ watch he and his fren play chest damn funny~ he make move so fast his fren take forever lol.
play until head pain~
He damn nice lol~ walk me to my block so i can go for my presentation XDXD

Just ordered clothes from 
Garder La Foi
they have really pretty clothes!
I fell in love with all of them XDXD 
but i could only have 2 picks out of the many choices... buuuu~ asiamsuperflatbrokerightnow

i chose AD11002 and 

If you are worried about having the same clothes as many people by ordering online, fret not cause these clothes come in limited stocks only~

so you be the special few who actually have these gyaru and ageha clothes in singapore~

shall post pics of the clothes once i get them XD

People please support them~ the clothes are imported directly from japan~

shall see you all in the next post~

SMUMIC Annual Production - Interlude

I use this picture cause i like! hah!
so you must like it too~~

went to a concert that Neo (he be person with white hair~) invited us too~
Went over to go support him XD
Had a hell of a good time~


Went to spin spin house at 3pm~ to collect my stuff from her
meido cos and school cos
damn the school one the skirt too i must emphasize! WAY too BIG for me DXDX
must take picture show DX
Planning to sell it~ anyone interested?

Tried on a few wigs at spin's house~ forced her to try on her sandplay luka and meido costume cause i felt like it XD
after that forced her to try on her wavy wiggeh that erika wore today also muahaha~


Spin trim her wavy wiggeh i wanna see how it looks like XD
have ta wait till i go see her again~
Stayed at her house till like 430pm i think~
Felt so sad to leave, cause could not play anymore DX
It is okay, cause! CAUSE i can go there next week~

Had to meet olivia at 6pm in cityhall~ we rushed there, but we were early by like 10 mins~ took our time to walk around and buy food~ even had time to camwhore in the toilet XD

see??? camwhore session~ please pardon the horrible dressing DX
went to buy drinks cause we were thirsty~
bought the VITAMINWATER~

we were bored so we did camwhoring advertisement for the drink
Its really tasty XDXD
you all should try the Dragonfruit flavored one~
taste so nice~ its even good for the skin since its vitamin c~

Met Oliva camwhored at mosburger
no pics from her yet DX
but it be okay~
had fish burger there cause i only love the fishburger there
omg they only gave me like one packet of chilli and tomato sauce
talk about being stingy DX

The singing at the concert was awesome!!!!
i forgot to take pictures except for till like near the end DX
some pictures~

Met Neo outside after the concert, finally met him in person~ Did not have a chance to meet him during EOY's performance had to many people, lost sight of him after awhile at EOY ><

hehe had group piccy with him !!! HAPPINESS!! *jumps around in joy~
met amber and her friends too!!!!~~ ooh group meeting~~

and camwhore pics of erika again from my itouch lol

waited for my father for like 15min at YCK mrt DX
called him no respond from his handphone
turned out he was at the other end
got scolded for no reason
say that i so stupid, why i wait near taxi stand
i was like hello~ there is a pick up point next to the taxi stand
like wth he just not happy cause he had to pick me up cause my mum forced him too and vent his freaking anger on me
its not like i need you to pick me up luh DX
though i am grateful but its not my freaking fault right?!
nvm! enough of my ranting~ overall i had a pretty good day~
so i shall not live in anger XD

tata for now~