life of a otaku when supposed to be studying

Was suppose to be studying for an exam today, lol but of course it didnt seem to work much ><
i am easily distracted dear me... aud aud came to my house to collect the wig i was selling to her
haha~ happy be rid of one wig but kinda sad since it was the very first wig i bought ><
my Zatsune miku wig

Am si happy to see her cause the last time i actually saw her was last month i think?
my twinneh~ XDXD

waiting for her upload pics from her MAC to her fb ><
twinneh if you see this message quick quick post XD
miss her lots since i can only see her once in a blue moon =A=

basically back to what i was saying my life as an otaku when supposed to be studying~
eating kimchi instant noodles~

also watching anime at the same time XD
HAKUOKI~ ooh the handsome bishounens~

after eating and watching 15 episodes of hakuoki~ i realised how late it was and i have not stared studying TT3TT

picked up my book and rushed the studying process which didnt last long of course XD
i started talking to lots of people online!!! and even read manga!

oh me oh my!!! someone has got to seriously chain me up and stop me from digressing from my original goal!!!

wish i had a mental chain lock to do that for me sigh~

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