stressful and heart warming at the same time XD

Today was kinda stressful cause i had a jap exam ><
i didnt study much as you could see from my previous post DX
cause i was being an otaku who doesnt like to study but like to read mangas and watch anime

dressed in jap school uniform today that i received from my order about 2 to 3 weeks ago?
i am not to sure~ forgot already XD
my memory be bad

could not open the webpage for the exam on my com like omg!!!
then i realize i wasn't using windows explorer but google chrome... dumb idiot.
cammie you are like super careless D8

managed to open the exam on windows and started doing and halfway!!! i realise that i could not type out the jap words like omg!
raised my hands to tell teacher checked my language tool bar and all and it was all okay!! turned out it was the stupid school website that didnt allow me to type out in jap.
wasted a good 10 mins on finding the error when there was none DXDX

After fixing that problem i realised i had an even bigger problem  DX didnt know there was a time limit on the exam and i had like less then 15 minutes to do 3 more pages of questions DXDX
i wanted to faint at that point, but overall managed to finish the paper sorta~
hopefully i can get good marks ~

Had a roleplay exam!!! omgosh it was so funny~ we were all laughing at each other from different groups
we kept making mistakes, i was so nervous i actually skipped out one part and went to the next :O

sadly it is our last lesson with Oohara sensei and Etsuoko sensei DXDX
i had had had to take pictures with them XDXD
cause i will miss them alot XD

etsuoko sensei and me~

etsuoko sensei, frens and me<3

oohara sensei and daniel lol

oohara sensei and me~

 me and my frens XDXD

met erika after so i can go buy my brothers stuff went sembawang shopping centre~

erika trying to fix back the sticker she accidentally took out lol

and of course all the above are camwhore pictures
my face sigh~ ugly max or not~ hahaha
is okay i am proud XD
we went daiso shopping XD

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