nornor photoshoot

My first day of real holiday started on thursday~~
muahaha happiness!!
i spent it on going out with nor nor for her photoshoot lol, cause i did not want to spend it all alone at home hehe~

we went budget eating for lunch at bugis lol~ then walked around to look for smart pants for my brother haha~ bought for him one at G2000 XD 
that concludes the day of my shopping lol
photo of us camwhoring before eating lunch XD
me with no makeup = cui

went to head out to meet nor nor's cousin
was so shocked when i met her cousin!
no similarities at all!! i mean literally zero (sry nor nor the facts)
nor nor = western/jap
cousin = ahlian/jap lol

cousin be pretty~ lol but very heavy make. was so scared for nor nor cause her cousin doing for her make
went to a studio near bugis called 'candle something lol' forgot the name already.
was stoning when nor nor had a photoshoot
stole her cam and took photos of her XD
i be a pro photog 8D

photo of her cousin doing her hair lol
was doing make up while waiting during the shoot
camwhored only one photo cause cousin bf moved to do something!! <3

haha i was telling nor nor how heavy her make was lol~
she was shocked at the end of the shoot had to hurry to iluma and remove some of the make~
camwhored in bus on the way home 

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