outing with nor nor~and dinner at neighbors house~

Went out with Nor Nor today~ was quite a last minute thing decided half an hour before leaving the house
Good thing is she lives very near me so deciding it a little last minute is good~
kidding kidding i decided with her last night to come see a photoshoot, got cancelled so i asked her to go out instead~
met at Serangoon interchange, our usual meeting place, was complaining to her by SMS how long i had to wait for the bus cause i was bored.

Had to complain to her that my mum scolded me for not putting on make-up while going out.
i dun really fancy putting it on >< so troublesome... but i went to NEX and did it anyway, since it be still NEW YEARS hahaha~

makeup turned out half assed, eyeliner wasn't well drawn, forgot the eyebrows lol
oh wells~
at least it still turned out somewhat okay.

Ate at yoshinoya~ haha damn nice~
went to Bugis to look for a simple blazer cause i need one on monday and i think i should also get one ><
the price kills DX
didn't buy any in the end, decided to borrow nor nor's one XD

went to eat dessert at a dessert stall, forgot the name alr >< 
erika was the one that introduced it to me last time ordered black sesame paste and aloe vera with honey and lemon~
forgot to take pics as usual~ only remembered after eating finish the whole bowl of dessert ><
wittle rabbit so cute~
little rabbit that GF brought with her so we could play XD
pouty face O:

Went to comics connection earlier and found another rabbit damn cute!!!
GF said it looks like a baby i totally agree~
me and dumbo the elephant~
kinda makes sense since im quite dumb lol

we walked around aimlessly for like one and a half hours, then i finally decided i needed to go kino~
kino is my best fren~
bought 2 magazines~
the usual popteen~

and finally decided to try a new magazine~ AGEHA~

the cover looks so nice~
rushed home after to go for mass and rushed off to my neighbors house for new year's dinner

The feast that was prepared by my family and them O:
there was so much we could not finish ><
watched ice age 3 at their house too lol~ laughing throughout
then played a few rounds of black jack special edition created by my neighbors

i didnt play, but i helped my father win money~
before playing
mid way during playing

left after awhile cause i didnt feel like staying any longer
haha~ thats all for now tata~~ XDXD

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