I can finally blog in peace again~~
haha~~! the exams are finally over and i can parteh for 4 days! only 4 days *sobs*
cause of attachment on monday!

Exams finally ended, and i have nothing to do now! like nothing except to prepare for my father's birthday on friday~
i am making shepherd's pie!! XDXD *yum yum slurp slurp*
Haven't made shepherd's pie for so long >< hope it still taste as nice TT.TT

Went to orchard today!
saw a pwetty pwetty picture of changmin from DBSK!
hehehe!!! took photo of it~
must go tag aud aud!!

changmin so handsome!! hahaha
Following on Erika for her shoot on sat~ 
Photographer Brian and jimmy~
hope it turns out well~ please please dun let it rain.

may shoot also but highly impossible i guess cause i be lazy!!!
i dun wanna use make up for now!
my face be horrid because my mum asked me to use this new facial soap and it made my face bad!!! REally bad DXDX

Oh if anyone is interested in looking for a photog, i really suggest brian and jimmy~
haha i  really love their photos~ do check it out~ and if interested you can ask them to shoot for you too~
But of course price range varies from time to time~

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