happy belated valentine's day~

o yeah~ i have not been updating my blog frequently as you all can see ><>

there is one exam tomorrow!the day after! and everyday next week till wednesday DXDX
meaning i cant have fun till next week!!! O:
*ish heartbroken*

Am here to wish you all a Belated Happy Valentine's!! <3
Our photog Jimmy did a Layout for me and otou otou using pictures with our photoshoot with hhim so cool!!!

so nice right ??!!! XDXD haha!! being ego here cause both of us look so nice!!!
Been removing lots of photos from my DA cause i thought it would be nice to put up better photos then just putting up simple photos~

So if anyone follows my DA you would have realised i threw out a lot of photos! still planning on throwing out more.
*sobs its going to look so empty *

Now i need to go back and study!!! like i really have to try to study!!
tata for now~ will update more soon~

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