CNY~ 2011


Since i am pretty bored at home right now and it is the second day of new year ><
i shall blog since i have nothing else better to do right now~
cant go out cause all my friends all bai nian
so so so~ i am dead bored right now~
self entertainment is necessary
hehehe~ muahahhha

was suppose to wake up at 730am yesterday to prepare and go to church~ but since the previous night i slept at  *koffkoff*3am i could not wake up at 730am cause i was lazy to crawl out of bed and do my hair, makeup and all ><
i woke up at 9 instead ahahahha!!!!
mum killed me when she came back at 10am ><
lecture on why we should go to mass -bleah-

but i woke up at 9am!!! it be a miracle for a holiday~
did my make up and hair, was done by 10am cause i was playing the computer and preparing at the same time .
feels as though i do not really bother lol~

photo's taken before leaving the house~

went to my Grandma's house (father's mum)
forgot to take pics >< haha
had such nice food!!! curry, soup, dessert!! and snacks muahaha!! simple yet delicious~
stones there for like quitwe some time with my cousins lol~

After that we were chased to go to my aunts house cause she was like ' i prepared food at my house, so i dun care you all cannot go home' 
my cousins and i were like =.=|||
half hour car ride to your house eh~

then rushed to my aunts house eat food~~!!!
haha i stole more sweets then actually bothering to eat the food she made cause i was too full!! i did eat her asam fish~ muahaha 
again no photo >< forgot

took picture of some chocolates!! Soo cuteee~~~

i was like this is chocolate??? it be neko mimi!!
damn cute right~~
haha photo of my dying cousins and brother

just found out my cousin does animation badges for webbies muahaha~~ 
i want one too~ but i not pro i dunno how to do~ DXDX
who willing to teach me ><

went home after 2 hours at my aunt's house ><
camwhored at home~
ohoh!!! the clothes i wore are from Garder La Foi
some pics to show off the dress i wore~ i PS-ed a little to sharpen the features of the dress so you all may see the details and how good the material is~

left the house one hour later rushed to my grandma's house mum's side this time ><

haha~ was kinda fun~ gossiping~!!!
cause we girls had nothing else better to do!!

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