confused DX

hey everyone~ am still in the middle of the exams right now and am super bored!!!
Cause i do not feel like studying right now DX
I have a feeling my grades are going to plunge tremendously ><
but am still studying hard!
really trying!!

So far life has been hmmm... somewhat dull since i can seldom go out for the time being DX
Just found out my attachment schedule in the hospital ><
really hate it!
I mean the timings are alright... but why do i always end up alone for all attachments???!!!
This round i dun even kow who is in the same ward as me... all my friends are still somewhat together but me!!! Iam in a completely different ward. TT.TT

Have no mood to go for attachment either ):
cause theyu were suppose to pay me in my previous attachment but they still havent paid me. i mean it is not that big of a sum right???
like 10 dollars a day you pay us for our services.
it has been dragged from august!! like excuse me!
why should i go work for you if you cant even pay us this measly sum DX
All other hospitals have paid all trainees except you!

---------------change subject-----------------

What i really am wishing for now ish!!! A violin~!!! haha
super random plus plus i want to do lots of cosplays!!!
muahhaha have one in mind but dont know if i should do!!
Still have to discuss about the 2 cosplays i need to do with otouotou and erika hmmm...
decisions decisions i hate!!!

oh wells shall properly discuss and think through everything carefully after exams :)

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