erika photoshoot which i crashed lol~

i didnt really crash erika's PS... more like i was bored and asked her to strip aso i could use her costume for fun...hmmm
went to chinese gardens AGAIN yes you read right...AGAIN
think i am getting sick of chinese gardens already.
it rained nearly the whole day last sat. was horrible i tell ya!!! horrible..i hate it when it rains it justs spoils your mood. hmph!
Selicia could not make it...sian so sad DX
jimmy came cause erika and brian invited him lol~
damn fun~
erika brian and i were bullying jimmy cause he was wearing a green shirt and her voodoo doll was green so we said voodoo doll was jimmy and started poking pins at it XDXD

photos of erika before i stole her kimono lol

and pwetty photos of her after i stole her kimono XD

she be sooo pretty~~~

credits to jimmy~
brian hasnt posted up his share of photos on erika yet =3=

photos of thick skinned me after i stole erika's kimono =A=
photo credits to brian~
thast all for now~ any of ya people going for comic fest??? its this sat and sun at suntec convention hall~
i will be there~ as a human being~~ XDXD

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