random outing~~

Finally received the lens i ordered~~ 
haha so happy~ its so comfy to wear, wore it on sunday~
shall so a post on my blue lens soon~

Sunday last min meet terence ho for breakfast/ lunch at funan mall~
dragged erika along cause was too late to tell hime >< decided super last min 
haha went to eat KFC and walked around Funan mall
haha~~ went to salivate over the figurines at funan sooo pretty~~
haha so sochii there too with lawliet~ they were working~

left funan after playing around and went for a mini impromptu shoot.
no photos are out yet =.= except one~

me and erika so pretty~ (being ego)
rushed to meet imme after~~ so fun~~
finally meet her outside for thr first time w/o anything related to cosplay~

first time i go out, i sit nearly the whole day chatting~
miss the cosiness of being in a small group and chatting comfortably~
had lots of camwhore sessions~~

must show you my favorite picture of the day

so cute right??? can you spot me and erika in  the picture as well?? XDXD
cant wait to meet hime again~~
(sorry erika i always meet you more then her) =3=

anyone interested in Java books? they are used only once or twice still very new ><
selling them at $15
some pictures

please buy ><
my room is super packed DX

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