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my blog is dying~~ so i thought i would do a tiny post ~ haha~ hey pretty ladies~~
As everyone has heard, japan is in a pinch right now and everyone of us are doing our part to help them by chiipping in a bit of money, and there is a blogshop who is having a sale of 10% to 30% so that the proceeds will go to the japan tsunami relief fund!( discount is not entitled to the pre order) The blog shop is known as Garder la foi or also  GLF. they are having a pre order right now~!!! and i am so tempted to buy from their preorder!!!~
linkeh for the japan relief fund~

ahh~~ the dresses are so pretty~
the most tempting one be the jacket with wibbit ears!!!! i want!!! <3
the best part is this round they are also taking in orders for the shoes~ i want the shoes *hint hint* XD

if anyone is wondering if the service is good or if they can be trusted i can assure you 100% that they are really reliable~!! i got my instock clothes that they sell within a week~
more details will be offered at a later date on when the clothes that you have ordered will come in~
preorder closes on the 3rd of april~ so quickly pre order before it closes~

the linkeh~

everyone lets do our best to support in any way we can to the japan relief fund please ><
and so support the new pre order too!~
another blog i would link to introduce would be dolly desire~
they are taking in pre orders on make up palettes, brushes and even selling nail accessories!
we are also selling our costumes there~ so if you are interested in any of the ones we are selling please do not hesitate to ask us~

since we are just starting out please do support us!! ><
we will do out best to serve you all with as much efficiency as we can =.=7

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