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While waiting for photos to be uploaded when it was taken during comifest these past 2 days i shall do a updated post~
okok i do not make any sense right now =.=||
shleepy already DXDX

dad and mums birthday just passed~ made dad shepherds pie for his birthday~ for mum we bought her a cake XDXD

the making of the shepherd's pie -whee-

boil potatoes~~marinate the meat with soya sauce, tomato and chilli ketchup with black pepper
mash potatoes~ cook the meat~
add butter and a little bit of milk till pasty~
then but one layer of mashed potato in pan 
but cooked meat on top of first layer of mashed potato
put second layer of mashed potato on top of meat~
put cheese~ glaze with butter~ throw into oven~

bake till top becomes golden brown XDXD done~~

now time to nag DXDX
if of you have been following my FB you would have realised i have been angry DXDX sorta lol~ not always
since the same person always 'insults' me indirectly i have been getting annoyed.
i mean seriously what is wrong with having different partners (guys) for every cosplay event???
i dun understand why i had to be labelled as though i am sorta like a slut.
her own words: i am so jealous!! why you always change partners for every event what about your previous one? so many partners for what?
she said this infront of a whole lot of photogs can, i mean cant you be a bit more decent plus i dun understand why you just had to bring me down like this. IRRITANT

i shall take my frens advice and ignore her!!! thank you for being there my pwetty pwetty frens and suporting meh!!! really love you guys ><

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