since i have most of the photos that i wanted from comifest~~ 
both from Brian and Jimmy lol~
i shall do a post~ yay!!!

first day of comifest used my wa loli costume~~
since leng keong gave me the green light to use XDXD
sho happy~
photo credits to nexis~
haha i look sho nice~~ first time using it properly lol~
was so scared i would not look nice in it cause i never tried it properly with a wig plus the wig i used was a brand new one which i never used before O:
hime helped me trim it a little XDXD

erika and hime did shoots together since they were a pair so pretty had to leave them cause i felt awkward lol~ partnered Gab in the end~
photos by brian~
photo by alfen~
william took such a nice piccy of my eyes~~~
photos by william~

second day AFA went as the butler~ but with katana this round~~
Second day was my happiest day lol~
cause i manage to get a phot with stan stan, sochii, and poppy chou and tungyi wu~
me, sochii and hime~
photo stole from sochii's blog ><|||
photo credits to her~~
photo with stan stan lol~
photo credits to brian~ XDXD
me, poppy chou,tungyi wu and hime~
photo story board with dolly~~
haha you can go to jimmy's facebook and see~~
the link~

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