is irritated

wanted to blog  a few days a go but i realised i lost my handphone wire so i cant sync the photos into my computer, plus my bluetoooth has a big problem, and now my microSD cant sync photos also...
so now i cant put any photos up =3=

well this week i had my clinical attachment 8D
was attached to Hougang polyclinic. nothing much to do there actually, mostly done, standing around and looking at what the nurses are doing. 
if possible/ allowed to help, is to get minor instruments for them sigh...

basically didnt learn much unless if you based it on theory i learned lots... such as explainig and talking to the patients. How to make them understand why they should listen to us, and what maybe the complications that follow up if there is non compliance from them

Have been talking to kelly alot~~ ahaha she is sho cute!!! *huggles*
I totally agree with my photog ,Jimmy ,that her smile ish shoooo cute~~~

hur hur her smile damn nice~~ wish i could smile like that too~

pictures stole from jimmy ahahahha!!!

oh few weeks back went for STGCC'2011~~
from foo jin hong

from alvin beh

from alfen nao

some nice photos~
there were 6 diff types of sheryl nome's
ahaha but only 5 of us were together~

from left: kiko, me, lawli, saku,lenneth, peggy, stanley and vic~

me and angeline~~ she is so cute as usual!!!
shall end off for now~~ ahah time to sleep nites~

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