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hi all ~~ finally found some free time to update my blog D8 have been working for these past few weeks, preparing for a shoot and had a wedding to attend over the weekend. 

shall talk about my cousins wedding first, was kinda forced to go since i really had no mood to go, plus i wasnt really close to him since i only see him twice a year. But, i thought twice, and went afterall, just to show my support of course 8DD

i mean he would have also done the same if he were in my shoes i think, lol. shows how much i actually know about him. =.=||

painted my nails red, since my blue nail polish have chipped off pretty badly
 my manly hands 8D

camwhore pictures while waiting for wedding to start, waited for 1 1/2 hours 
chat with quite a few of my other cousins.
they kept thinking my hair was fake =.=|| does it look that fake???

dress is from Garder La Foi
did a review on the dress before~
which is dress 
didnt take any decent pictures sigh.
cause i was too lazy.

the little souvenier i got at the wedding~~ damn cute 8DD

some of the dishes at the wedding 8D
got lazy to take half way cause i was starving!!!!
 notjing much after though, tried to convince my cousin to bring my brother shopping lol!
since my brothers clothes are so lose fitting!!
 failed terribly though cause my cousin, he is so SHY!!!
=.=|| he is the same age as me by the way 

started a new job last monday, helkping out at my neighbours fruit juice store which just opened recently at THE ARCADE at raffles place 
PURE JUICE by ADDEL enterprise 
they only provide PURE JUICE 
the prices range from $2 to $4
i highly reccommend JADE GREEN, REFRESHING APPLE,STARRY APPLE,RED RAIN, and many more~~

met Lawli on the first day of  work while giving out fliers lol~
she got me free sweet *huggies*
 today was my last day of work there though D8
cause i got to prepare for my attachment starting this coming monday =3=

Had a shoot last saturday~ 
Pokerface vocaloid
 selicia so chio!!!

desho desho~~??

mandy damn cute as Rin can!!~


made jimmy retake this photo so many times muahahahah!! cause i wanted it to be perfect 8DDD

me as Miku
i fail terribly as miku though dammit

group photos!!

did i mention that we have a guardian that day???
our guardian of the day issssss HEISUKE from HAKUOKI!!!

i just had to take so many photos cause he was damn cute!!!~

tickets given by Eclair Estanye
hur hur~~ eclair i luuuvvv you 8DDD

 couldnt take much photos due to all the lighting sigh
if only i had a better camera. =3= 
the fashion designs were all so fantastic except singapore's!!
i mean whats with the whole thing with shint sequins on stage?? mermaid scales??
i mean how could singapore have won the first round??
when russia, italy, UK, brazil and all theother countries did so much better!!
i am so glad the second round was won by UK
thats all for now

wanna go sleep and drop dead 8D
cant wait for sochiis shoot tmr~ i be saikang warrior~~~
and i get to see eye candy nyahahahahaha <3<3

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