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I have to rant!!!
so now i cant sign in via twitter cause the password is wrong like wth!!
i am like '' i did not change the freaking password!'
so i was thinking since my old email got hacked too many times and got blocked by hotmail. i am guessing i cant sign in to twitter because of that.

so i had to send in a report email to twitter complaining that since i cant log in to my old email to retrieve the password change request... i have better hope they can reset my twitter email to so that i can actually start tweeting again.

am seriously pretty pissed now since something bad happened yesterday and now twitter is giving me some fucked up problem. 

the good thing is, i can still tweet via tweetdeck cause it has been signed in for the past few months alr. but now i cant tweet via i touch so i am pretty pissed. how did i know why i cant suddenly sign in, was because i accidentally signed out of my twitter on the itouch, then i tried sign=ing back in, buttt noooo i cant sign back in cause they say username/ password is wrong, but i swear i never change anything !!!! so pissed so freaking pissed.

okay so maybe it isnt really twitters fault that my old email got hacked and banned, thus i cant sign in!

but it gets really annoying if lets say after all the proofs (facebook, facebook page , blog, old email, password of old email) of what i sent that @cammieammie is my account, and they do not approve me of getting back that account, i will be seriously pissed off, to the point of an erupting volcano!!

so please give me back my account, i am sure this blogpost should be of enough proof that @cammieammie is my account. so please gimme back my account.

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