saikang warrior and nice cars 8D

Was at work last week, on wednesday, i wanted to go see the F1 cars but didnt  get a chance too D8 so i psychoed my brother after our 10hour shift work to go and bring me to clarke quay, when we were all the way at raffles place 8D
was being damn mean but i duuu not care!!! i wanna see car car~
we walked all the way there, and he got me lost so we walked like one whole roound arounf boat quay before he realised that we were at boat quay and not clarke quay... more of like he didnt believe me when i told him we were at boat quay =.=\
i think it must be a man's pride?

i be awesome at spamming photos of cars 8DD

actually me and my brother were super dissappointed D8 cause we wanted to see a lamborghini
in the end there was only a lotus =3=

well i just have to deal with it since it was the only one on display. wanted to take photos of the lotus then the show girls were in the way =.=||
my brother said an awesome thing to me ' the girls damn extra eh... get in the way of my photo' 8DDD



oh right!!! i was a saikang warrior on Saturday!~
stuupid jimmy said shoot start at 2 so i rushed out of the house at 1315 hours and when i finally reached YCK MRT and stepped into the train sochii messaged me to tell me that jimmy push shoot to 245pm to 3pm, =.=||
so i was waaaaay to early. lucky i went to sochii house to seee her do make up~ sho interesting~ she does it so well, she be pro be pro~~~

left her house at 330 only 8D we took a cab down to chinese gardens, but taxi uncle dropped us off at lakeside =.=||

oh wells, walked to main entrance of chinese gardens and turned out there was an event and we were not allowed to enter unless we go through the back gate at the other end, so we walked =.=|| we walked in the 
WRONG DIRECTION, so we turned around and walked back in the other direction, and we never realised that it was sooooooo FAR!!!!!!

we got there in the end though, and started the shoot about 15 min later~
i hash niang niang photo of saito~

ahahaha~ so cute right~
then i saikang by sitting in one spot for more then 30min 8D before they came back! and of course i had been prepared metally~ i had a magazine, PSP, snacks, drinks, and a small mini fan and chair donated by unker ken~

i have such a good life as a saikang warrior~

bought macha cookie at marina bay link the day before (friday) since i met riku for din din~
it was sho delish~
make up : bb cream and eye liner cush i was lazy 8D

camwhore with cookie!!~~ small mini cookie =3=

shows how much entertainment i had while waiting 8DD
i be so entertained 8D
they came back after awhile~ and prepared for another scene~
saito be pondering really hard about something hmmm... saito chama what you be pondering so hard about?

secret shot of saito chama at work 8D

modern saito cush he hash modern umbrella 8D

took a sneak peak of OKITA ALSO 8D


final product of the shoot 8DDD
sho nice right muahahaha!!!!
i likes~ now i be super stalker!~

dammit i hate attachment lol~

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