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hihi all~ went for SKE48 concert today since i was invited~~ so happy *Rolls on the floor* just came back not too long ago also~

Truthfully, i have never really heard their songs except for a few popular ones...
so for once, i actually really, REALLY listened to their songs and it is the first concert i went held by them~ which is today~

i didnt really get to take any pictures of them since no photography was allowed =3=
and the photos that i did take were too blurry to be used *fwips table*
i want a proper camera!!! someone gimme a camera!!! *puppy eyes*

the members of KII!!!!

they are so cute!!! super cheerful and friendly!
i wish i could be just like them! always cheerful!
but if i do that i guess i would have to be optimistic most of the time?

the concert was 1 1/2 hours long~ and it was really entertaining~
those who would really like to attend SKE48 next concert, there is another chance for you, which is on the 8th of october it seems~

more details will be given later on, on their official AKB48 webite

tickets can be booked via the website also~

there is also a AKB48 official shop at scape~

picture taken from

there is also a AKB48 cafe also at scape on the second level~
Location: *SCAPE, #03-02
場所;スケイプ #03-02 

11.30AM - 9.30PM
営業時間 11.30AM - 9.30PM

Reach us at: +65 6636 9868
お問い合わせ:+65 6636 9868

Location: *SCAPE, #03-02
場所;スケイプ #03-02 

information also again taken from 

for anymore info, please do visit their website for more updates on the tickets 8DD
gotta go now tata~

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