book review?

Since i have nothing to do right now, just thought i should do a book review based on a book i really liked. have been re-reading it for a few years now ~
Well people who have known me for quite some time already should know what book i am hinting about lol~

Books that i really love to read have have to be in the supernatural section :3:3
or else i would just die of boredom with  books in the pure romance section.

A book that i would really like to recommend will be the City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare. 
Why this book? That is because it has really good suspense and a really good story plot.
The first time i read the first book, it nearly wanted to take my soul with it since the ending was a really really bad cliff hanger. In a good way of course.
well i wouldn't recommend a book if it was bad after all.

The story starts off with a girl named , Clary, who is a normal 16 year old girl who encounters a fight in the club, Pandemonium, which she usually goes there. Meeting of a fate or curse? That of course she wouldnt really know now would she?
In that dark lit room with 3 people clad in leather,, their looks contrasting each others at the same time, would you not have been captivated? Yet again she would not have known that she was not suppose to be able to see them, but she could, thus this leads to down to a spiral of unfortunate events that happens to herself, her family and friends.

A sudden change of life of as ordinary school girl, would she be able to cope or would she just break down from the pressure of the many truths that have been hidden to her since young?

 Meetings with monsters and people from other dimensions, could maybe only help her to get out this really  mad situation or bring her much more deeper into this whirlpool.

Too add in a little more thrill, Clary, would she fall in love or would she not? Will it be the right person for her?

That of course you wouldnt really know till you have read the book would you?

The good news is that the book is still an ongoing series
The Mortal Instruments
1st book: City Of Bones
2nd book: City of Ashes
3rd book: City Of Glass
4th book: City of Fallen Angels
5th book: City Of Lost souls (5 January 2012)
6th book: City Of Heavenly Fire (9 January 2013)

There is also a prequel to this series
The Infernal Devices
1st book: The clockwork Angel
2nd book: Clockwork Prince (on its way: Dec 6 2011)
3rd book: Clockwork Princess  (on its way: Dec 2012)

From my POV, borrowing the books from the library would not be able to curb your desire, unlike buying the book and keeping it on your shelf so that you could re- read it time and again 8D

*looks at her own shelf and smiles weirdly*
think you can tell i am a collector of books, books that have been able to relive your dreams about being in another world, are like diamonds that are worth millions or should i say that they are priceless to begin with.

So what are you waiting for, quickly go get that book~

The other good news is~~~~
this book will be featured in to a movie!!!
it has been confirmed by the author, Cassandra Clare herself~

I think i would do more book reviews when i have nothing to blog about~
but if i would to write a story... would any of you read it?

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