part time job

did a part time job last friday, was to give out flyers, trying to promote a new shop~
was really fun~ we worked with everyone whom we knew ^^

it was a simple job, thank goodness, but it was so tiring while giving out flyers in heels it nearly killed me =.=
i am not a heel person i am a flats person 8D

the good thing it was only for 3 hours! and we all went to dinner together~ 
had free bubble tea to drink cause we were working
100% sugar with milk tea and pearls is a not must get cause it is too sweet

i drank only like uh... think 3 to 4 gulps ? then i dumoed it. felt that ut was such a waste but i could not take it anymore 
ahhahaha so i dumped it =.=||

but i had another cup! chocolate milkshake with 0% sugar and 0% pearls!!!
ahaha it was delish!!! the sweetness was just right 8D

so i suggest the chocolate milkshake 8D
well if those there love very sweet stuff then i suggest you just top up the amount of sugar that you like will do~
the shop is at bugis~ just opposite Poh Kim the CD shop.

the manager so friendly 8DD
some camwhore photos before changing out of our costumes
me and pretteh twinneh!!

stand and i

gay gay selicia 8D

photo of simeon =.= was lazy to stand up lol

me and angeline~~ she sho cute omg~!! *pinches cheeks*

phoenix and i

erika baobei ~~

finally a proper photo with simeon lol

all loook so unglam, cause too tired already + makeup melting away =.=||

went for dinner at long john's silvers
jimmy came along and showed off his hakuoki box =3=
qian bian i also want! got my Saitou on the front!!!!

went to the arcade after that 8D
have free ice cream from kyon and yuki~~
ben and jerry strawberry cheesecake~~ <3<3

seal chan caught by kyon~~ kyaahh sho cute!!~
lookie lookie all of us have one 8DDD
i sho dead liao
kyon in the middle 8DD

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