my blog ish dead a dead thing OMG.
cause i am lazy =.=||
celebrated my birthday last week~~ was on 17th and19th of april~
17th april~
haha i had a surprise celebration, i was being chased away the whole day cause erika, hime, brian and jimmy didnt want me around =.=
they lied to me the whole day 
had an impromptu casual shoot lol
all the spastic faces were present~ did not know they would use all these pictures to create for me a present *huggles thy presents*

went for sochii's shoot with stan, was meant to be a surprise but it got spoiled =.=||
had gossip talk with stan ahaha~ so fun~
took pics with chii too~

forgot take with stan =.=
went to saizeriya with anthony and sochii, had free dinner~
went to meet jimmy they all at funan, went with sochii lol
jimmy brought us to the old supreme court
had a big surprise there OTL had so much fun

19th april 
celebrated with the bro force, erika, elaine, evie and brandon lol
 went to eat desserts ~~ 
so delish~~
met setsu after~ she went to the dentists so could only meet her a little~
but i still had so much fun~

thank you for the gifts everyone~~
*still huggling her gifts lol*

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