busy busy~

FAV photo of the day~~
Last week was a uper busy week~ haha~
had a last min decision to have a shoot with jimmy cause we was on leave had to find a dress 2 days before a shoot, with being so tomboyish!! i had no dress besides the 2 i bought from Garder la foi and my miku one.
=.= think i better start stocking up on dresses
met jimmy on last tuesday to walk around bugis to look for a dress... fail!
no dress
thursday!! manage to find a 'dress' and went for the shoot~~ haha~
played with jimmy's dog~ so cute!!

gab came to join us half way~

my 2 fav piccies with him~~

on sat had a shoot with terence ho~ lol
super random~
photos i took from the biannale~

paintings by the kiddies~

look at the school!!! it states IJ TP!!!

haha i love the next 3 photos!!! try to spot why!

after shoot went to meet erika lol! she owe me PRATA!!!!
cause she was late =.=
she still owes me prata~ lol went to meet her all the way at orchard from kallang's singapore binnale~
camwhore in toiletXDXD

lookies!!! 2 pandas!!!! guess whose!!!
wallet (erika)
handphone (stan stan)

konkyaku jelly!! haha homemade =.=
erika drop by my house after~ cause got nth to do
comb and pleated my blonde wiggeh~

now on sunday lol~~ had another shoot~
a fashion shoot i did for the first time

was stressful ><
after that went to meet kyuu~~~ but i never take piccy with her DXDX
had fun gossiping muahahah!!!
borrowed 6 books that day!! omg! had to stuff two in my bag, carry 4 in my hands and they were all thick hard covered books =.=

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