fort canning shoot and sakura fest

i just realised i did not do a post for my fort canning shoot when i wanted to do a post on sakura fest D:
no choice i shall put both together D:
plus both  are seriously way back in time 

had a shoot at fort canning the week before last XD
was sooo last min~
i went for bella's shoot in the morning first~
meeting her for the first timr IRL
she is soooo cute, hugged her so many times.
sad thing about the morning shoot was that it started raining, had to stop the shoot mid way.TT.TT
head down to ion orchard to meet another photog, wanted to see what he was like O:
haha... was there to guard bella whoo~ my part time job is to act as security guard~
went to fort canning after~ shoot nice nice~ yay~
did my hair in the morning XD
nice nice hair XDXD
photos from shoot~
right photo look so innocent =.=||
then compared to the top right one this one give off stuck up feel OTL
smiled but ish epic fail DX
lookie the demon going to devour the innocent bella!!!!

on to sakura fest went for day one and day 2 =.= was bored on day one
had to rush down to scape to meet elaine OTL lol
reached there in record time!
went for impromptu audition, my pronunciation was horrible
went kino after
mw hime and erika bully ven ahaha
kiraboshi with rillakuma~

unglam shot with hello kitty on his head ahaha
met kelly there she so pretty <3
goal: to be as pretty as all the ppl i admire!
had random shots taken during the event
look so cui also ppl want take =.=||

me and amber~
we look sho pretty~ and nerdy ahahhaa
me, gab and amber XD

when i was bored =.=

Day 2!
went dun man high in the morning for the proper audition for the JAF auditions =.=||
i be best! 2 auditions!! muahahaha
saw lawli there as sheryl so pretty!!!
she so pretty right XDXD ahaha~
cam whore with setsu also~
setsu damn pretty~~~ i was like wah wah!!!
took cab down to singapore flyer~
changed to my wiggeh
own casual sheryl nome =.=||
erika and i
me and lawli
me and setsu!!
group photo!!

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