random outing with hime and nor nor

met up with hime (otouotou) on friday at vivo~~ haha
a super delayed post =3=
 Passed otou otou the wa loli so she could use for cosfest~
so happy~~
and and i managedd to convince her to do with me a vocaloid cos!
whee so happy~~
talked alot of things with otou otou ~ second time going out with her not mainly the point of a cosplay event~
forgot to take photos with her XDXD
she met nor nor for like 5 min then she had to leave so sad DXDX

Met nor nor at vivo too~
went to daiso to buy snacks and eat and went to see the pets at the pet farm? i think it is the 'pet farm'
i forgot the name =3=
the shiba inu was so cute!!!!
we bought so many snacks we finished 3/4 of it =.=
went to bugis just to eat at the dessert shop XDXD
camwhore there~~ she took so many unglam pic of me OTL
nor nor sho pretty~ not like my spastic face =3=
spastic face
camwhore~~ i like how i look here~~~ muahahha
shall post about SOYC soon haha~~
for now can everyone vote for this piccy please~~~

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