I fairy lens preorder, close at 5 november

Hihi! doing a preorder for Ifairy lens do email me at camilleiora@hotmail.com
Cappings at 20
one pair S$30
plano to -5.00 (-0.25 step)
-5.00 to -8.00 (-0.50 step)
hanabi series, getting from supplier, abt 3 weeks to arrive once cappings reached

I am not responsible if any of your mail gets lost
I am not responsible if you have any problems when wearing the lens
Postage is not included in the pricing
No meet ups, unless i am free, the most i will have a mass meet up on saturdays
Lenses at 16.2 mm
items are strictly  non refundable and non exchangeable
if you do not make a payment, your order will not be taken.
payment to be made once invoice is sent to you within 2 days, a picture of your receipt is to be shown and sent via email.

Order Format
Handphone number:
quantityDegree: e.g L -1.25 R -1.50
Payment Method: 

Hanabi gold

Hanabi blue

Hanabi violet

Hanabi grey

Hanabi Green

Hanabi Brown

Hanabi pink

Hanabi red

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