Valley girl

HIHI doing an advert for a valley girl spree~ for my dearest cousin!! XDXD
Valley girl is a range of clothes that is not sold anywhere in Singapore yet, so i highly support those who are really interested in this brand too order, as these are from the latest season/ range XD

A quote from Kristie (my cousin) " Valleygirl do NOT ship to Singapore, you wouldn't be able to order it on your own online" This i sthe link where you can take a look and see!!! i really reccommend i love the dresses and skirts!!

some pictures from her

So pretty!!!!
Spree ends on the 12th of november, so please make your orders before them! As once the spree closes there will not be any back orders!! i promise all of you that you will not regret once you have bought these items!!!

Items will be posted to individual buyers on the same date or earlier. Add $1 to the cost of the item for regular postage, add $4 for registered postage. Meetups also available. Full prepayment is required. For more details, e-mail

Love cammie

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