Hair dye and outing!

Hey all just thought i would make a post since i just dyed my hair on Sunday
first hair color i dyed with liese's bubble hair color glossy brown which was not very obvious >.< since my hair was pure black before that. Can see the picture below the brown was not so obvious.

 On Sunday i dyed my hair with Palty's cherry blossom brown, agin the color is not very obvious DX

There isn't much difference from Liese's glossy brown right?
Alright enough about hair dye lol! went out yesterday with nette nette and erika.
some pictures that we took!
Me and nette nette

Erika and me and nette nette~!!!
we like covered the whole mrt for green line yesterday lol!
from Serangoon mrt to bugis, from bugis to Tanah Merah, from Tanah Merah to Tanjong Pagar, from Tanjong Pagar then back home XD
so much money on transport!
Went all the way to Tanjong Pagar just to go see the maid cafe Akibanana, but it would not open till 6 and we  had to be home by 6 TT.TT
Walked one whole round just trying to find an entrance to Akibanana too!
Haha in the end we went to ask the shop directly below Akibanana, so PS!!!
Forgot to take pictures of Akibanana from the outside TT.TT