Went to an event at Maraine Bay Sands just last weekend, at their convention hall.
The event was STGCC! STGCC is Singapore Toys Games and Comic Convention which is held yearly, where they actually showcase lots of english comics and such~
I mean how can you not like Marvel!!! Marvel Comics are just awesome!

so lets start of with day 1!
met alan and elaine at serangoon mrt to head down to MBS, and we had a hell of a time, slacking in the train because it was too damn early =3= we met up at 830am!

went to a secret location to change where nobody knows to go and change and do makeup!
it was awesome! we had the whole toilet to ourselves!
*bleah bleah* :p
 did make up and half cos before going out to go eat a super early lunch which was at 10am!
we didnt want to die and faint half way while cosing!
sadly the food at MBS is sooo overpriced! my one bowl of dessert of almond paste and tang yuan costs me $3.60 which i can usually get at $2.80 or less.
and it was like diluted and they added lots of starch! i am sure! because it tasted no where as good as the one i ate at AMK. =3=
rushed back with Alan after our 'lunch' to our secret base again! met elaine there after she was done with her press interview!!
slowly dressed up and camwhored alot with instax provided by my awesome partner 8D
how my overall costume looks like once i wore it~
elaine preparing for her cos behind meh~

camwhore with seren whom i just met on friday! she is so so pretty!!!!
her overall look was also awesome! 
camwhore with my awesome SS( secret service) sho cute right~~

when we finally went to the event , it was so hot OTL. the outside of the event was like a furnace!
we could literally feel our make up melting!
and we had to quickly buy our tickets to get air con! gyahaha at that point we didnt know hall C was free and air conditioned /fail!

went into the event with alan but it was so crowded! omg it was just hard to move! since our costumes were bulky and long.
stayed inside for awhile but left quickly after that as well and went out to find our friends~

with shuchi
with anthony
with xeno
with fariz
with hexlord
the one photo i managed to take of touya hibiki D:
and a candid shot of Alan (my SS) lol!
a stalked image of me from ALan!! ahaha he was sooo in character!
photo with our awesome frens!!!
had a mini photoshoot with hexlord~
photo shot with instax!
photo by xeno edited by Alan
pair shots are just awesome!
Shirakiin Ririchiyo
miketsukami soushi
photo with shiro (took me awhile to recognise her omg)
with gmaine (so pretty right??!!)
alan, me , yongshan
yongshan like damn cute please~ so small~~ so cute!
changing out of costume was a chore because we could not go to many area, as it was heavily guarded D:
i guess they had no choice. Its MBS after all!

how the area we were at looks like!
can you spot the difference in this photo!!!
no prizes though!
phone call to shinji to ask where to go for dinner gyahahaha! we were all starving!
phone call also must look nice right! kekekeke
my poor abused horn!
shinji making reservations for us at justacia!!!
all you ppl we have such a smart person with us!
Alan can still look so cool after down dressing *jealous*
my face with  no foundation at all but only eye make up left is like soo...un-glamorous!

elaine camwhoring with my awesome camera~
met pretty fione at justacia!
went home half dead by then! and had to prepare cos for the next day at the last min =3
i am evil! i made alan change plans so he could cos with me X:

day 2! 
i was ririchiyo sama again! and i had my awesome SS who made me a bento!!! die juu bitches be jealous!
sausages with wanton and wanton soup!
*so happy*
camwhoring while waiting for my SS to get ready~~ <3<3<3
camwhore once we were done!!! kekekeke
met manjie~~ she so chio even without make up!
camwhore with eclair
with  gmaine!
with yongshan!
with lawli~~ this otaku so pretty!
photo taken by frank! so nice!! its his first time taking!
frank can slowly go learn to become a pro photog! 

photos from hexlord
photo by terence ho
with peggy
behind the scenes before the killing begins LOL
soushi so handsome~
vic, ALan and peggy! and a photo bomber named fariz!
with Ash
with skye
with shane
with jojo!! and our awesome photo bomber rescend lol!
with kaiting
with selicia
with akane!
with min!!!
with alexander!
shinji and frank playing around lol!
photo with stanley before leaving to go and play LAN ! LOL

and if you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes!

photos by shane lol~

photos by nutcase lol~

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