class dinner!

so i went for a class dinner about 2 weeks back! yes a very long time ago! but i didnt have time to blog about it as it was a very crazy and scary period for me! it was during my exams so i didnt blog D:

had to convince myself to go lol~ because i was being soooo lazy~
i went in the end as i realised it was going to be the last gathering as a class... and we would not see each other again till feburary next year, which is when our attachment end, at the end of that month. so i mean, why not?

we had the dinner at Tiffany's Cafe which is located in Furama hotel.
Furama hotel is at Chinatown. right next to People's park Centre!

the exterior of the restaurant

well for the food there, i would rate about 7/10
and service about 5/10
the food was alright~ but it took forever for them to replace! and i suggest if you do go there, it would be best to go there earlier, cause when the crowd floods in, most of the food are not replaced quickly, my friend and i had to stand and wait for sometime for the food, and i gave up waiting and went back to my seat.

photos of the dessert~ well some of the dessert~
i forgot to take photos of the food D:
and next would be the spam of photos i took with my classmates~

went to clarke Quay after dinner with the girls~ we were walking around trying to find a place where we could all hang out and chat~

awesome scenic view by the waterside~ ahahaha~ the breeze was awesome~ sooo awesome~
but of course we all had to go back !


  1. Looked like you guys had a good time :3 The view is so beautiful! *u*

    1. we had a great time~~ 8DD
      yea the view was beautiful i should go there more often at night 8DDb